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  • (Hayden, Blue Bird Center)
  • (The busy center is filled with visitors. Some of them are even competing with each other during the visiting.)
  • Momo: Wow! So many people here! Where is the work of King Sayet?
  • Passerby Stylist: Do you come for King Sayet's work too? Wait a while, it's not here yet!
  • Nikki: Eh? Where is it then?
  • Passerby Stylist: Haha, the host of this exhibition thinks only by fully explaining a work can the value of the design be realized.
  • Passerby Stylist: So, she will only appear when there are most visitors. Only those who defeat her in a style contest can get a closer look at King Sayet's work.
  • Nikki: I see...
  • Passerby Stylist: In the previous few sessions, I missed the chance to compete with her. And none of those who earned the chance could win! If only I could get the chance...
  • Nikki: So the collector must be a strong stylist...
  • Passerby Stylist: Oh, this pink-hair girl, why don't you practice with me over Wasteland style ? I want to warm up before I defeat the collector!


There is no concluding dialogue.