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  • After several minutes, the smoke gradually dissipated. Most stylists left and Clariel was nowhere to be found.)
  • Ace: Damn.
  • Nikki: At least, we had this work of King Sayet. However, what should we do about those who lost memory?
  • (At the moment, only those stylists brought out by Nikki from the lounge were in the hall.)
  • Ace: We should not forget what Clariel said about the secret in King Sayet's work. What on earth is it?
  • Nikki: I just wanted to wear the chain to compete with her again but she refused. Is it possible that this chain has the power to take away memory and emotion?
  • Ace: I heard that dwarves can infuse some power into the gem. Clothes crafted with such gems can achieve incredibly high ratings.
  • Ace: Will this work of King Sayet have a similar effect?
  • Momo: You mean the chain will be increasingly powerful as it absorbs people's memories and emotions? That's crazy!
  • Nikki: I don't know if it's true or not, but I do feel the chain contains memories, emotions, and something else.
  • Ace: I don‘t think King Sayet will craft such an evil thing. Perhaps Clariel or someone else corrupted it.
  • Momo: So what should we do to restore those people back to normal!
  • Ace: I once learned some gem identification stuff, but it was quite long ago.
  • Momo: Knowledge is what you don't have when you realize you need it...
  • Ace: Oh! Nikki, can you help me style a Gemologist set? Maybe it will help remind me of gem identification knowledge.


  • Nikki: Ace, is there anything special about this gem?
  • Ace: Hmm, just as we thought. The chain is made of Stone of Light. But the crystal butterfly has a special power. Probably it's from the dwarves.
  • Momo: I guess we need some idea of a dwarf? How about Debbie?
  • Ace: Not necessarily. I think, if some powerful stylist can resonate with the gem, it could return the memories and emotions back.