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  • Momo: Hoo... Such a long detour. We finally take them back.
  • Nikki: I hope Ace is okay...
  • (Blue Bird Center, Exhibition Hall)
  • (The hall is in a mess. People are all talking about the words of the unexpected girl.)
  • (Ace is standing on the stage, holding the chain designed by King Sayet, Aurora's Tear.)
  • Clariel: As you can see, Aurora’s Tear is nothing but an ornament. If you go on with your nonsense, don't expect you can just walk out easily.) (sic)
  • Nikki: Then how do you explain the memory loss of the designers?
  • (Nikki questions Clariel loudly on the stage. People make a way for her and other stylists.)
  • Ace: Nikki! They are...?
  • Nikki: The stylists competed with Clariel are all here. I was at the lounge and Clariel's people were taking them out!
  • (Nikki's words are like a bomb, stirring a greater commotion in the originally noisy audience.)
  • (People nearby tried to ask the stylists behind Nikki but only were asked back, 'Who are you?')
  • (The situation is out of control.)
  • Clariel: Huh, I see. You set up all these. The pink-hair girl, the purple-hair girl, and those stylists who fake losing memory. What a big show!
  • Ace: You... It's not true!
  • Clariel: Such a complicated show. Let me guess, to steal Aurora's Tear from me, right?
  • (Nikki walks onto the stage and takes over Aurora's Tear from Ace.)
  • (The chain looks even more dazzling under the light. Nikki found there is a tiny crystal butterfly on it.)
  • (It looks not very special, but Nikki seems to be able to feel the memory and emotion in it, and something else, something weird.)
  • Nikki: Now that you say this chain has no other effect, are you willing to compete with me another time? This time, let me wear the chain.
  • Clariel: ... So you know the secret in King Sayet's work too?
  • Nikki: What? The secret in King Sayet's work?
  • Clariel: Drop the act. You came for it today, didn't you? You won.
  • Nikki: Then, can you make those people return normal?
  • (Clariel didn't answer Nikki. Instead, she looked toward the audience.)
  • Clariel: Are you still watching when things went like this? I suppose it's not what the Lord expects.
  • Clariel: If something happened to me...
  • (Before Clarield (sic) finished her words, someone in the crowd snapped a finger and then a great white smoke rose in the hall. People in panic scrambled out.)
  • Momo: *Cough* What is this!
  • Ace: Nikki, hurry. We cannot let her escape!
  • Momo: Remember to change into a swordman stylist suit!


There is no concluding dialogue.