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  • (Clariel was shocked. She looked at the chain she's wearing. She's wearing the piece of work, Aurora's Tear, all the time!)
  • Clariel: (Whisper) How is it even possible!?
  • (After a while, she finally recollected herself and regained the proud expression.)
  • Clariel: Very well, my lady. Please come to the lounge with me.
  • (But it was instantly opposed by the stylists under the stage.)
  • Red-hair Stylist: Someone has won! Why should you view it in the lounge! It is fine here!
  • Uncle Stylist: Yeah! Pink Hair! Remember to tell us all the details of the masterpiece!
  • People: Don't leave! Don't leave!
  • (Clariel seemed to be a little panic in the loud cries of the audience.)
  • Clariel: It's just an act for the sake of safety. Such an important thing must not be risked.
  • ???: As far as I see it, you didn't intend to share it with others at all!
  • Clariel: Who?!
  • Momo: Wow! Ace!
  • Ace: According to my information, all the people lost in the contest with you went insane!
  • Clariel: This lady, I'm just a collector who enjoys sharing. I don't know what you are talking about at all.
  • Ace: Enough of those fancy words! Explain why people lost memory and went indifferent after the contest with you?
  • Momo: That explains Nancy’s condition!
  • Nikki: The collector is such a villain.
  • Clariel: Please stop, or I'll have to ask guards to walk you out.
  • (Clariel made a gesture and the staff walked toward Ace.)
  • (At the same time, Nikki noticed a group of men in black was walking toward the lounge.)
  • Momo: Nikki, it's not right. Those men in black must be with Clariel!
  • Nikki: Nancy and other stylists are still there. What are they going to do?
  • Momo: Nothing good definitely! Nobody is watching. Let's change into black agent suit and mix in!


  • (Blue Bird Center, Lounge)
  • Nikki: I see Nancy!
  • Momo: Nikki, they are taking the stylists out of the center by the side door!
  • Man in Black Leader: Hurry, take these people out! Hey, that guy. Why are you taking a cat with you in the mission!
  • Man in Black Leader: Forget it, time is short! Quickly get these stylists out!
  • Nikki: Yes, sir!