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  • (Blue Bird Center, Lounge)
  • (Together with other challengers, Nancy sits in the lounge.)
  • Nikki: Nancy, are you alright?
  • Momo: Don't worry, Nikki will join the competition later. Let's enjoy the work together after she wins!
  • Nancy: Who are you?
  • Nikki: Nancy? It's Nikki. Do you remember me?
  • Momo: (Whisper) Nikki, what's wrong with her...
  • Nancy: Nikki? Hmm... Do I know you?
  • Nikki: We met on the road and came to view King Sayet's work together!
  • Nancy: King Sayet... Do you mean that designer?
  • Momo: Nikki, Nancy is not right! She was so talkative when we were discussing King Sayet, and now she seems to forget who he is!
  • Nikki: Wait, not only her. All the people in this room feel not right.
  • (Nikki looks around. All the people in the room are too quiet. Nikki walks to one of the stylists they talked before.)
  • Nikki: Hi, we had a conversation back in the hall. Do you remember me?
  • Passerby Stylist: Who are you? Please leave me alone. I'm thinking of something important.
  • Momo: What‘s happening...!
  • Nikki: All of them went abnormal after the contest. The collector must have done something tricky...
  • Worker: Hello, please do not disturb the stylists. If you want to go on visiting, please go back to the hall.
  • (The staff is asking Nikki to leave.)
  • Nikki: Hmm... Alright. Anyway, I'll go to ask the collector what is happening.
  • (Nikki returns to the hall. Clariel stands alone on the stage.)
  • (Her proud expression says nobody can defeat her.)
  • Clariel: It seems that nobody can enjoy this work with me together today, but I'm still honored to have so many great stylists on my collection show.
  • Clariel: So, I'll waste no more time of yours. Please enjoy the exhibition.
  • Nikki: Walt!
  • Clariel: Yes? This visitor, what can I help?
  • Nikki: I want to have a contest with you!
  • Clariel: Oh? Youngsters deserve more chances. Please come!
  • (Nikki walks to Clariel witnessed by the curious audience.)
  • Clariel: So, let's try over the sharp-looking suit I'm wearing.
  • Momo: (Whisper) Nikki! Will you lose memory after the contest like Nancy?
  • Nikki: Rest assured. I won't lose.


  • (After Nikki defeated Clariel, the audience was quiet at first, then waves of cheers and clappings filled the hall.)
  • Momo: Nikki, you won! Wait, are you alright? Do you still remember me?
  • Nikki: Of course, Nikki, I’m fine! But... Something was not right during the contest.
  • Clariel: I... lost?
  • Nikki: Please let me see the piece of work as you promised!
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