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  • (Blue Bird Center, Exhibition Hall)
  • (A lady in a fine uniform walks out from the lounge, the sound of high heels attracting many people's attention.)
  • Nikki: She must be the host of this exhibition, Clariel.
  • Momo: Wow! She does have a powerful vibe!
  • (Clariel slowly walks onto the stage on one side of the hall and starts speaking.)
  • Clariel: Thank you for visiting my collection show. I've always thought a great design is supposed to be shared. That's why I'm here.
  • Clariel: I'm sure every one of you is here because of one thing, the piece of King Sayet, Aurora's Tear
  • (Clariel takes over a small box from staff, then takes out the wrist chain inside. Even from a distance, its light is still dazzling.)
  • Momo: Wow... So many people! I can see nothing at all!
  • Nikki: Will Bobo and those who covet King Sayet's work be here?
  • Clariel: And now a lucky one will gain a chance to view the piece of art closely, but she must defeat me in a style contest first.
  • Clariel: Time is limited. I'll give 10 stylists this chance. Sign up if you are confident about yourself.
  • (Many stylists scramble to stage instantly. Nikki finds Nancy is in the queue too.)
  • (Several stylists quickly lost. Then, Nancy appeared.)
  • Momo: Wow! It's Nancy!
  • Nikki: Does she stand a chance...
  • (The contest is over. Nancy lost.)
  • (She looks a little sad. Guided by staff, she enters the lounge.)
  • Nikki: Nancy loves King Sayet so much. She must be very disappointed.
  • Momo: Nikki, change into inconspicuous clothes and let's sneak into the lounge to comfort her!


There is no concluding dialogue.