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Story: In the Imperial Gallery, the Casket Fairy revealed the forgotten past, something Ace's story didn't mention...


  • (Light dots rise from the chest and float into the air, forming pictures after pictures of history...)
  • (A great leader rose from the flames of war.)
  • (He led his people out of the darkness and into the light. The Goddess of Peace finally noticed this land.)
  • Momo: Hey, this is the story Ace told us!
  • Nikki: The leader must be the Enlightened Ace mentioned.
  • (After reaching the top of the world, he vowed to forever keep the hard-won peace in this land.)
  • (Laws were enacted and the net they wove regulated people's tightly. Violence ended, followed by another form of tyranny.)
  • (The touch of art was no longer free, technological researches aborted, and the economy stagnant... The whole world was moving under great pressure.)
  • (Under the peaceful facade, people can no longer breathe the air of freedom. Living was like dying.)
  • Nikki: Eh? Ace's story didn't mention this part...
  • Momo: How could this be?! The Enlightened went too far! What kind of peace was that?
  • Nikki: I think he just wanted to destroy the hotbed of violence for good... He knew the pain of violence deeply so that he hates it so much.
  • Momo: But that was too extreme!
  • (Finally, people who followed the Enlightened stood on his opposite side in the name of 'preventing the world from collapsing'.)
  • (Four people slew the king they once pledged undying allegiance to. The light was snuffed out.)
  • (The person who ended violence died of violence.)
  • (As the Enlightened was dying, the man who pursued peace with his entire life left the last curse, a curse of hope to him...)
  • (The Curse of Blood.)
  • Nikki: The Curse of Blood?! The Curse of Blood is the Enlightened's curse to this land...
  • (Anyone who dares to use violence would be punished for going against 'God's Will'.)
  • (This land once again regained 'eternal peace', as the Enlightened wished.)