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Story: King Sayet's design, the story of The Enlightened, and the birth of the Curse of Blood... The ancient scroll is full of complicated messages, but Nikki and Ace managed to find the real clue...


  • (Ace's voice gets lower and lower. The story ended in her sigh.)
  • Ace: This is the story the old king told me.
  • Nikki: is this story... real? A lord who brought the land to peace was stabbed to death by his own people on his throne... That's...
  • Ace: Disgraceful, isn't it? But the old king said that it actually happened. The history was buried because it was disgraceful.
  • Momo: The thoughts of the Enlightened in the story sound indeed similar to the words on the design... It gives me creeps.
  • Nikki: Is the death of the Enlightened... related to the appearance of Blood Curse?
  • Ace: By the story, after the Enlightened died, the Curse of Blood came into being. It was the will of God to fulfill the Enlightened's wish for peace.
  • Momo: So, the Curse of Blood was not born with Miraland!
  • Nikki: So, why are these words on King Sayet's design?
  • Momo: Was King Sayet studying the story of the Enlightened?
  • Ace: The entire Miraland is silent about the Enlightened. How he died and what happened that night were completely erased. I've been traveling for years but never found any recordings.
  • Ace: Even the old king wouldn't learn about the story if the members of the royal chamber didn't pass it down.
  • Ace: These words are way too accurate... How did King Sayet acquire this information?
  • Momo: It seems that King Sayet did a lot of research in the Enlightened...
  • Nikki: ...Wait! Perhaps Bobo and the one who broke into Bobo's home were not after King Sayet's relics, but the information of the Enlightened!
  • Momo: What?! What can they do even if they find the information of the Enlightened? It happened so long ago. How could that possibly help them?
  • Ace: I have an idea. Maybe the target of them all is... the Curse of Blood. If they can find a way to bypass or lift the Curse of Blood, many impossible things will become possible.
  • Nikki: The Curse of Blood... Because of the relationship between the Enlightened's death and Blood Curse?
  • Ace: Exactly. The old king had a different take. The old king thought the Curse of Blood was more like a curse placed by the lord as revenge...
  • Ace: 'If it was God's punishment to humans, it wouldn't be so cruel. The curse is so imperative, just like the majesty of the Enlightener.' This was what the old king told me.
  • Nikki: They were all related to the Enlightened's death...
  • Ace: Also, when I was traveling through the seven countries, I talked with locals about the Curse's origin. There are about three versions above all variants.
  • Ace: North and Cloud have the same explanation with Pigeon's. They told their people that the Curse of Blood was created by the gods to stop people from violence.
  • Ace: For Lilith and Wasteland, they said that a great being in legend didn't want to see people hurting each other, so he traded his life for the Curse of Blood and peace.
  • Ace: Apple thought the Curse of Blood was a weapon in the test. Ruin Island has been living an isolated life so I have no idea how they explain it...
  • Ace: Besides Apple, the origins of the Curse of Blood on this land are all very similar to this story.
  • Nikki: Maybe... The Curse of Blood is really connected to the death of the Enlightened.
  • Momo: ...But, knowing all this cannot help us find Bobo, right?
  • Nikki: Yes... It could be helpful. For now, we have no clue to Bobo's whereabouts, but if we know Bobo's goal, we could meet her at the destination!
  • Momo: I see! Nikki, do you mean if we follow the clue on the design and keep tracking King Sayet and the Enlightened's information, we will find Bobo?
  • Nikki: That's a plan! But... It's still very hard... The whole land wants to forget the Enlightened. Where can we find the information...
  • Ace: There is always a way...