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Story: Ancient and mysterious scripts slowly appeared on the design and revealed a glimpse of the hidden past. They remind Ace of an old story...


  • (The colorless magic juice falls on the design, and the words in the soaked area are gradually revealed.)
  • ('War and blood are sins of human beings, this land is not born with them.')
  • ('Human beings have never really suffered, so they never cherished peace.')
  • ('How foolish and pathetic.')
  • ('Do human beings need their minds?')
  • ('No, they don't.')
  • ('The ants should only praise the true king.')
  • ('Give up everything and fear in the pain.')
  • ('Return the world to what it was.')
  • (The writing is somewhat sloppy as if the writer didn't care about the design at all.)
  • Momo: What's this? I don't feel good about it at all!
  • Nikki: I don't quite understand, either. And these words make me uncomfortable too...
  • Ace: Could it be... King Sayet's writing?
  • Momo: It can't be! King Sayet is a master designer and his name shines upon the seven kingdoms. Why would he write terrifying things like this!
  • Nikki: But that's just what we were told...
  • (Nikki inspects the design on her hand carefully. It is yellowed and damaged and its left side is irregular.)
  • Nikki: It looks like this design was torn off from somewhere...
  • Ace: By whom? From where?
  • Nikki: If it's really a design of King Sayet, maybe it's torn from his notebook.
  • Momo: Momo agrees. The words start from nowhere and end in nowhere. It's more like a part of something.
  • Nikki: As for the writer... I don't think it's Bobo nor someone who's going after the design. They won't treat King Sayet's notebook like this.
  • Momo: Who can it be then?
  • Nikki: Maybe... King Sayet tore it himself.
  • Momo: I get it! It was torn off a long time ago, so it was separate when Bobo found it. And that's why it fell and was left behind.
  • Nikki: That's the best answer we can get now...
  • Ace: 'Cherished peace'... 'Sing for the true king'...
  • (Meanwhile, Ace was not listening to the conversation of Nikki and Momo. Instead, she got immersed in the words on the design.)
  • Nikki: Ace, what happened?
  • Momo: What did you come up with!?
  • Ace: Yeah... I've heard similar words from the plot of a story told by my... by the old king of Pigeon.
  • Momo: Woah, the old king?! Ace, how did you know the old king?
  • Ace: We can talk about this later.
  • Nikki: Alright, what is the story about then?
  • Ace: It was long long ago...


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.


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