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  • Momo: Nikki, will casket fairy pop out from nowhere and test you again?
  • Nikki: Probably not... We're in the Royal Garden now. I don't think he can find us here...
  • Momo: But I still think the Casket Fairy won't be satisfied with testing you only twice.
  • ???: Nikki, Momo!
  • Momo: Eh?! Did the Chest Elf grow legs?! Oh... It's Lisa!
  • Nikki: Hi! Lisa.
  • Lisa: It's so good to see you! Nikki, I need your help with something.
  • Nikki: What is it? What happened?
  • Lisa: The Royal City is receiving guests from the Apple Federation today, but the suit of His Majesty is not ready. Can you help?
  • Nikki: Of course.
  • Lisa: By the way, I'll also be welcoming the guests at the banquet. Can you help me with some Dignified and Elegant Clothes ?
  • Nikki: Sure!


There is no concluding dialogue.