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  • (Nikki successfully passes the test. More words float out of the casket.)
  • Casket Spirit: The answer you want is in King Sayet's chest.
  • Royce: King Sayet's chest?
  • Nikki: Does it mean there is a chest of King Sayet in the Imperial Gallery?
  • Royce: Then it must be that chest...
  • Momo: Which one, show us, Royce!
  • (Royce ponders for a bit and then takes down a huge chest from a corner shelf.)
  • (Made of an unknown material, the chest feels smooth and cool. And no lock can be found on this closed chest.)
  • (The top of the chest is engraved with some words--King Sayet's signature.)
  • Nikki: King Sayet's signature!
  • Royce: It must be the chest Casket Fairy is talking about
  • Momo: But there is no place to be opened?
  • Nikki: There's no lock nor button on it How can we open it?
  • (They examine the chest carefully again and find there is another line of writing at its bottom.)
  • Royce: 'Paise [sic] to the True King'... Weird. I never noticed the words before.
  • Momo: Praise? To the true king?
  • Nikki: It sounds so much like the words we found on the design at Bobo's home! I remember that sentence is...'The ants should only praise the true king.'
  • Momo: The True King must be The Enlightened!
  • Nikki: Then this praise must be about the lifetime dream and his greatest achievement...
  • Momo: ...Which is?
  • Nikki: ...'Peace'!
  • Momo: I see! Just like the casket, we must have to open it by styling contest!
  • Royce: So the theme must be the 'Praise of Peace' .


There is no concluding dialogue.