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  • (Year 680, New Era, Royal City of Lilith, Royce's office)
  • (Through the blind of the French window, the sunlight of the early morning warms the room.)
  • (Half leaning behind his sunlit desk, Royce welcomes Nikki with a smile.)
  • Royce: Good morning, Nikki.
  • Nikki: Good morning, Royce.
  • Royce: Thank you for coming here on such short notice. Did you rest well last night?
  • Nikki: Yes, we slept well... How about you? We met the royal guards at the secret tunnel's entrance as we planned, but the soldiers said you were fighting by the time they got there.
  • Royce: Don't worry too much, I was only wounded very slightly.
  • (Royce smiles like he always does, but he looks deathly pale. A strip of bandage can be seen from his sleeve.)
  • Momo: You were not! I saw you holding Neva with blood all over your body!
  • Royce: Really? It was very late last night, maybe you saw it wrong.
  • Momo: I know what I saw!
  • (Royce doesn't answer right away. He looks to the window as if he could see somewhere very far away behind the blind, the window, and the walls.)
  • Royce: Anyway, everything has been successfully carried out. Thank you for your help.
  • Nikki: Oh! where is Neva? How is she?
  • Royce: She... left already.
  • Momo: Left? Is she on a mission?
  • Royce: No, she is no longer my bodyguard...
  • (Royce loosens his clenched fist. In it lies a hairpin, its rim creased by his grip.)
  • Royce: The guard at the city gate said she left early this morning. I only found this on my desk.
  • Nikki: This is... Neva's hairpin?
  • Royce: Yea... She wore it when I first saw her. Her mother made it for her.
  • Momo: Where has Neva gone? No, why did she leave? And this hairpin. It must be very important to her...
  • Nikki: Maybe... Neva left because of what happened yesterday? Then why did you...
  • Royce: I considered this possibility when I was planning for yesterday's action. But I still wanted to give her freedom, to let her see the world I have seen with her own eyes.
  • Royce: Although I'm upset, I think she's following her heart and has found the path she wants to follow. I'm happy for her.
  • (Royce smooths the creases of the hairpin like petting a kitten's head. He smiles gently.)
  • Momo: If... Neva found what she was looking for, will she come back?
  • Royce: I look forward to that day, but I also respect her decisions.
  • Nikki: Will you let us know when Neva gets back? We haven't seen her for a long time... We really miss her.
  • Royce: Of course.
  • Momo: Yea, it's really a long time... Even though we're in the palace... Eh? Palace?! Nikki, have you forgotten? We came to the palace for something important!
  • Nikki: Oh yeah! Royce, Bobo disappeared not long ago... During our investigation, we realized that her disappearance could very well be related to the Curse of Blood.
  • Royce: Bobo disappeared... How did this happen?
  • Nikki: At Bobo's home, we found a design that was possibly left behind by King Sayet. And there are some weird words on it saying that 'The Enlightened' is connected to Blood Curse.
  • Royce: The Enlightened... So you think Bobo's disappearance has something to do with the Curse of Blood?
  • Nikki: Yes, if we can find more information about The Enlightened, we may be able to find out the reason for Bobo's disappearance.
  • Royce: I see. So, how can I help you?
  • Nikki: We want to know what's between The Enlightened and the Curse of Blood... So we thought of the Casket Fairy, the Keeper of Lilith. Will he know about this story?
  • Royce: I'm not sure... But the Casket Fairy does know a lot of things. Let's go to Imperial Gallery to ask him.
  • Nikki: Sure.
  • (Imperial Gallery)
  • Nikki: I almost forgot, we have to pass a test to open the casket...
  • Momo: Nikki, take a look at the test.
  • (Nikki opens the casket. An image of words gradually appears.)
  • Nikki: The theme is dreamlike fairytale elf.


There is no concluding dialogue.