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Story: Ace told Nikki the old story, from the first ray of light brought by The Enlightened to the last dawn; from the eternal peace to the 'Eternal Peace'...



  • Long ago, Miraland was a place of chaos.
  • There was no peace and people are struggling in the mire of war.
  • From the remains of the war, sin and darkness were born, but the biggies only want to climb onto the top of the world.
  • At last, a hero rose from the vortex of war.
  • He is fearless. He is aspirational.
  • He swore to bring people back to the golden age.
  • He was named 'The Enlightened', 'Light of Miraland' by his followers for he banished darkness for good.
  • Within but several years, the Enlightened brought light and unity to the broken and dark land.
  • He sits on the throne, over a new land unharmed by war and fire.
  • The Enlightened brought light as well as the eternal peace.
  • But one day, the lord didn't get to see tomorrow's sunrise.
  • --Four swords pierced his body from his back and killed him on his throne. His followers put out the Light with their own hands.
  • A drop of blood falls into the gears of the world. God's will, the Curse of Blood, was born.
  • 'Eternal Peace' came to Miraland in another form, one cannot be undone.
  • Streams of time form a huge river. Humans, who forget so easily, erased the name of the Enlightened from history. Perhaps, someone in the future would bring the lost dawn back.


Unlike other stages, there is no Styling Battle. Instead, players choose one of three items which either give an S-rank or a C-rank.

Stage S-rank Option Other Options
Power Fight Night Dream Crown icon.png
Night Dream Crown
Star Crown, Diamond Crown
Leader of Revolution Daylight Stars icon.png
Daylight Stars
Valiant Image, Calm Commander
Fall of Sun Aurora icon.png
Sharp Blade, Gilt Blade
Eternal Peace Flying Pigeon icon.png
Flying Pigeon
Rusty Cage, Winter Storm


  • S-rank: The Enlightened brought peace back to Miraland. The dawn left brand new marks in people's hearts.
  • A to C rank: Through darkness and clouds, the forgotten light left behind by The Enlightened shines upon the vast land, lighting up the forgotten past.
  • F-rank: The darkness shrouded the earth and stars and moon are all veiled. Nobody remembered the Enlightened of light he brought back.