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  • (New Era 680, Lilith, Galevilla)
  • (It is noon. The rich floral fragrance and the refreshing wind from the sea permeate the town. The romantic atmosphere prevails in every corner.)
  • (There is a house covered with dust. Like the withered flowers by the door, the house seems out of place.)
  • (Inside the house, the dust is falling slowly in the shafts of sunlight, and amidst is a girl gazing at a design in her hand. It looks like an image depicted in an old poem.)
  • Momo: This pattern is so familiar... I think I've seen it somewhere before.
  • Nikki: Yeah, at the Ash Tree Institute of Design... We saw it not so long ago.
  • Momo: ...Really?! Isn't it the pattern that often appears in King Sayet's works?!
  • (The pattern drawn with dark blue ink stays at the corner of the old design quietly. It looks like a secret totem on the door to 'Past'.)
  • Ace: Maybe... this design is a work of King Sayet?
  • Momo: It is indeed the style of King Sayet's later works...
  • Ace: ...But it could also be a sham or an imitation. Nikki, what do you think?
  • (Nikki raises her head slowly after hearing Ace's word, frowning.)
  • Nikki: But... Why would King Sayet's design appear at Bobo's home...
  • Ace: At the Ash Tree Institute of Design, the president said Bobo was investigating King Sayet and she has King Sayet's token. It could be a clue that Bobo found.
  • Nikki: The problem is we've been searching here for so long and only found this one clue to King Sayet... Is this really the material Bobo collected?
  • Momo: Well, this place is a complete mess so it is nearly possible [sic] to find things!
  • Nikki: Maybe... This place was really robbed? This design could be left behind accidentally in the flurry...
  • (Everyone falls silent. They don't want to admit the possibility of Nikki's words.)
  • Ace: ...Nikki, you mean someone came to Bobo's house and took away the rest of King Sayet's materials?!
  • Nikki: It could be worse... The mailbox is full of letters, which means someone was at home, or at least Bobo thought so.
  • Nikki: Perhaps... Someone broke into Bobo's house after she left, taking away King Sayet's materials and Bobo's family member!
  • Momo: What?! What would do such horrible things! What about Bobo? Where did she go?
  • Nikki: I don't know... Based on the footprints in the room, Bobo came back before. There are only her footsteps so at least she was safe when she was here...
  • Ace: I hope she's still safe.
  • Momo: Bobo will be fine! We'll find her, right, Nikki?
  • Nikki: Yeah.... But the only clue we have is this design...
  • (Nikki is a bit upset and lowers her head. She stares at the design without actually looking at it.)
  • (Suddenly, Nikki raises the design to the sunlight as if she finds something.)
  • (The sunlight of the noon goes through the paper effortlessly. There're some traces beneath the beautiful lines of the design.)
  • Nikki: Look! Here... Are there some writings?!
  • Momo: Woah... I saw it! Nikki, you're awesome! But the words are way too vague. I cannot tell what they are...
  • Ace: I have an idea! There is a magic grass in the Pigeon Forest. The juice of the grass could reveal the hidden writings...
  • Momo: That's easy. Nikki, put on some Pigeon Forest magic grass themed clothes and reveal the text!


There is no concluding dialogue.



  • Though the dress and shoes of Sandra Grass Secrets are suggested by Momo's Tips, you do not actually need them to pass.