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Story: The warm sunshine cast on this sweet little town and warms those withered flowers. At the bottom of the mailbox, there are letters that cannot reach their receiver.


  • (A Letter to Mother, First One)
  • (Dear mommy, I hope this letter finds you well.)
  • (Finally, I take my first step and start my own journey!)
  • (The first stop is the Apple Federation. But this time I'm going to a border town called Wheat Field. And I believe I will have a lot of fond memories there.)
  • (It's not far from Lilith. So, during my journey, maybe I'll pass by and return home to see you!)
  • (I'm starting to miss home just after I left. Will you miss me?)
  • (By the way, I took this photo of us at the bedside, I'll give you the photo I just took in exchange for it!)
  • (There's a simple letter in the envelope, with lovely and lively handwriting. Once stamped, the envelop [sic] will travel across mountains and seas.)
  • (The moist soil in the flowerpot begins to dry, and for the first time the dust settles in the closed room.)
  • (The letter has gone a long way and finally finds itself at the bottom of the mailbox, but the person meant to read it has never returned.)