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  • Nikki: Wow, the Rolterdan Museum is more than big! After walking back and forth, I feel my legs are getting sore.
  • Ace: There is a rest area ahead. Let's go take a break there.
  • Cali: Nikki, it's you! Awesome. Let me interview you!
  • Momo: Cali, do you come to visit the museum?
  • Cali: Hahaha, no! I'm leading my alma mater to visit the museum today. Look, I'm wearing the school uniform from back then!
  • Nikki: Well, what is this interview about?
  • Cali: Recording people's feelings about art. It's an assignment given by my teacher! This interview report will also be used as study materials for my juniors!
  • Nikki: Sound very serious. [sic] Let me think about it.
  • Cali: Don't worry, just tell me what you really feel.
  • Momo: I have to say, Cali looks so pretty in the school uniform, just like a real student.
  • Cali: Wow, that's really something to be praised by Momo. Nikki, let's compete over the Lovely Preppy Costume while you're thinking!


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