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  • Momo: Hey. The door... It's unlocked.
  • (The door is opened by a seam. Momo is holding up his paw at a loss.)
  • Momo: What... what now? Are we going in? Or do we close the door and pretend nothing happened.
  • (Momo looks up towards Nikki. Ace is also waiting silently for Nikki's decision. After a while, Nikki clenches her fists and raises her head.)
  • Nikki: Let's go in. We may find some clues about Bobo.
  • Momo: Hmm!
  • (Momo pushes the door open forcefully, only to be greeted by a blast of moist air mixed with dust.)
  • Momo: Cough... It's so dusty here! Nikki, you might want to change into Dust-Proof Clothes before you come in.


  • (The room is kind of a mess. The layer of dust on everything shows that there has been a long time since anyone has lived there.)
  • (But there is a string of recent footprints on the ground which circles in the house before tracing out.)
  • Nikki: The footprints... It's Bobo! She's been back!
  • Momo: But she left in a hurry... Bobo... Where have you been...
  • Nikki: Her family is not here either... Actually, Bobo rarely talked about her family. We only know her favorite dress is a birthday gift her mom gave her. I know too little about Bobo...
  • Nikki: I don't know why she left, where she went, or what she wanted...
  • Nikki: I... I don't deserve Bobo's trust...
  • Momo: Nikki, don't be sad. When we find Bobo, we'll make it up to her! And we'll be best friends in the world!
  • Ace: Keep it together, Nikki. I think Bobo may be in the need of your help right now. Let's see if we can find some clues about her.
  • (Nikki lifts her arms and rubs her eyes.)
  • Nikki: ... Yes!
  • (Nikki, Ace, and Momo start searching in different rooms.)
  • Momo: It's such a mess here!
  • Ace: Same here. And there is nothing but some everyday items.
  • Nikki: Same here, huh?
  • Momo: Nikki, what's the matter?
  • (There is a small piece of the paper under the cupboard, covered with dust. Nikki crouches and pulls it out.)
  • (It's a worn design. After the dust is removed, a beautiful design is revealed.)
  • Nikki: It's so beautiful...
  • (The corner of the design has been somewhat damaged, and well worn. But its beauty has withstood time. Nikki can still picture what a beautiful design it was.)
  • Nikki: Here...
  • (Momo and Ace draw closer to Nikki and sees the design.)
  • (There is a gorgeous dress, but they were attracted by the words on the corner. The beautiful writings bring out the long-forgotten secret.)