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  • (Galevilla, Lilith)
  • (Soft sunlight gently envelopes everything and the sea breeze brings puffs of flower fragrance. Like a world in a fairy tale, Galevilla is cute and sweet.)
  • Momo: Wow. It was totally worth the train ride! It looks and smells great!
  • Nikki: Bobo once said her hometown is renowned for flowers and perfumes.
  • Momo: But there are so many houses. Which is one is Bobo's? [sic]
  • Ace: It seems to be a small town and people should be familiar with each other. Why not ask the owner of the flower shop?
  • Momo: A man after my own heart, hahaha!
  • (In front of the flower shop is a girl in a one-piece dress with flower patterns. She is watering the plants and a faint rainbow appears in the sunshine.)
  • Nikki: Excuse me, I want to ask about a person.
  • Florist Girl: Sure, but you have to beat me in a styling competition.
  • Momo: Wow, we haven't heard that for a while. It feels like we have just arrived in Miraland!
  • Florist Girl: Flowers and perfumes are our specialties. Let's go with Flower-Themed Clothes !


  • Florist Girl: That's impressive, young lady! Well, who is the person you want to ask about?
  • Nikki: I want to know where Bobo's house is.
  • Florist Girl: Bobo...
  • Nikki: Yes, you know her?
  • Florist Girl: Yes, I do. But...
  • Nikki: What?
  • Florist Girl: ... You'd better look with your own eyes. Turn at that small path and the first house is hers.
  • Nikki: Okay, thank you!
  • (Nikki takes the path with flowers alongside and comes to the house, then she realizes why this girl falters.)
  • (Like every other house in the town, the doorway is fully arranged with garden pots of various flowers, only they are all dead.)
  • Momo: ...What happened?!
  • (Nikki looks at the door but no one answers.)
  • Nikki: Bobo...
  • Ace: Check this out!
  • (Ace opens the mailbox in front of the house, only to see several newly tucked letters fall from the completely full mailbox.)
  • (Nikki squats down to pick up the scattered letters, her eyes spotting a letter sent from 'Losol City'.)
  • Nikki: Wait... Losol?
  • Momo: What? Losol?!
  • Ace: Losol... Anything wrong?
  • Nikki: It's where she parted ways with us... So the house was empty by that time...
  • Nikki: No... There are so many letters. Perhaps, her home was empty when she first met us... What happened on earth?