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  • Momo: Principal's Office?! So our man is the principal of Ash Tree Institute of Design?
  • Ace: That's right. Mr. President was a follower and friend of King Sayet. He was once engaged in the Nine-Day War as a designer.
  • (Ace knocks at the plain, small wooden door. After a mechanic squeak, the door opens itself.)
  • ???: Two little girls. Where are you two from? Why are you knocking at my door?
  • (An old man's voice drifts in from the room. And the squeaks of the wooden door add to dramatic tension.)
  • Momo: (Speaking softly) Is it really the office of the president? It feels dilapidated and shabby...
  • ???: Old as I am, my ears are still working. I beg your pardon, little kitten?
  • Momo: Ah, nothing! How can a cat talk? It's an illusion!
  • ???: Hmph! Do not stand at the doorway. Come in and sit. Apart from the fat cat, you girls are so cute.
  • (The room turns out to be more spacious than it appeared to be from the outside. Arranged on the tall wood shelves are many tools and artifacts. This is more like a workshop here.)
  • (There are many things on the big worktable in the center of the room and it looks a bit messy. An old man with white hair and a pair of glasses is fixing something.)
  • Ace: Hello, Mr. President. We are...
  • President: (Interrupts) I know you, purple-haired girl. And you are modest and polite. It's my pleasure to talk with you.
  • President: The pink-haired girl, I believe we haven't met before.
  • Nikki: Hello, Mr. President. Sorry to disturb you. My name is Nikki, and...
  • President: Take this, little girl, and style a suit that matches it. Show me what you've got.
  • (The president picks up a Hammer from the bench, passes it to Nikki, lowers his glasses and stares at Nikki seriously.)
  • Momo: (In a low voice) Go for it, Nikki!


  • President: Not bad, really. Looks like you are the little girl Orlando mentioned.
  • Nikki: Yes. Please excuse us for bothering you. We heard that you were a friend of King Sayet. What we seek is related to him. We hope you could help us with some information.
  • President: Yes, yes. The young man has told me everything. Follow me.
  • (The President bends his body and stretches his arm out to press one button on the bench. Amid a dull sound, the rear wooden rack revolves, revealing a path into another space.)
  • Momo: Oh, my... A secret tunnel!
  • President: Hey, didn't you tell me this cat cannot speak!?
  • (The President leads Nikki and Ace into the tunnel. The rack closes itself up and the dim lights shine on the passage to a smaller room.)
  • President: These are my treasures. Do be careful when you handle them.
  • (The President steps aside, introducing a small exhibition booth in the room, on top of which is a pair of butterfly-shaped earrings...)
  • Nikki: The pair of earrings...
  • (Nikki reaches into her pocket for the Butterfly Ring and compares it with that inside the glass cover.)
  • Momo: They are the same! So wasthe [sic] necklace in Nidhogg's hands!
  • President: The Butterfly Ring... is in your hands? Though this is one of his early works, it's also one of his favorites. And he said these ornaments mean more than the designs.
  • Nikki: Favorites? But the earrings, the ring, and the necklace are totally different from King Sayet's later styles...
  • Momo: I couldn't agree more. It's as if they were designed by two different people. It's like King Sayet got enlightened during the travel and his later pieces are on a different level!
  • Nikki: King Sayet must have experienced something that deeply touched him so that he could design all those touching works later. But what's the secret in these earlier ornaments?
  • Nikki: And what happened when the necklace flashed blood red in the hand of Nidhogg...
  • Ace: Mr. President, you were a friend of King Sayet. And you must know something of their meaning?
  • President: ...It's been too long. I cannot remember those things clearly.
  • Ace: ...
  • President: But I just remembered that another girl once asked me the same question.
  • Nikki: Do you remember what she looked like?
  • President: A little girl from Lilith, hair braided, wearing a dress with bows. What is her name... Bobo?
  • Nikki: Bobo?!
  • Momo: What?! Bobo was here?
  • President: Not very long ago. She came to ask me about King Sayet. There are always people asking about King Sayet and I don't usually receive them, but that girl takes a token of King Sayet.
  • Nikki: ...A token of King Sayet? Mr. President, could you please tell us what she asked?
  • President: Problems about the relics. She said she saw the butterfly necklace and asked the same question... but, I really don't remember.
  • Nikki: So, did she say anything else? She is an important friend of ours. We have been looking for her. If you know anything about her, please tell us!
  • President: She didn't say anything else... She left in a great hurry.
  • Nikki: (Murmuring) Bobo, where have you been...