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  • (Ash Tree Institute of Design)
  • (The two giant ash trees outside the gate greet the morning sun with freshness and the breeze with rustling leaves.)
  • (By the early morning Nikki and Ace have arrived at the Ash Tree Institute of Design, while Momo is still yawning.)
  • Ace: The gentleman was stalled by something else. He will meet us a little later.
  • Momo: Hey? You mean he's late?! Not at such a critical moment!
  • Nikki: Hmm, what do we do while we wait for him?
  • Momo: Ace said the institute collects many works of King Sayet. How about let's pay them a visit?
  • Nikki: Sure. Ace, can you show us the way?
  • Ace: No problem.
  • (Ace leads Nikki and Momo along the shaded path of the institute and stops before a towering building. Its elegant, complex, and antique style is shining with glamour under the sun.)
  • Ace: This is it.
  • Momo: Wow, it's beautiful!
  • Nikki: Even the building housing the works of King Sayet is so beautiful. He must have been highly esteemed by everybody.
  • (Nikki and Ace enter the tall building. Its inner ornaments are gorgeous like its appearance. Through the stained glass at its dome, the sunlight turns colorful.)
  • (The works of King Sayet are displayed in order, protected by glass covers, and appreciated by the visitors for their marvelousness.)
  • Momo: Woah! These designs are incredibly pretty! Aren't they! Hmm, what's wrong, Nikki?
  • Nikki: Well, they are indeed pretty. But...
  • Momo: Nikki, is there anything wrong?
  • Nikki: Take a look at the timeline of King Sayet's works. There was a gap.
  • Ace: Yes, there was an empty period of King Sayet. The commonest view is that he took the time to travel around and improve himself.
  • Momo: Momo found something too! Look at this special pattern!
  • (Nikki and Ace approach the glass cover Momo points at and find a small pattern beside the corset only upon close looking.)
  • Nikki: Hey, I just saw this pattern on another work too.
  • (Then Nikki returns to the exhibits she just viewed and inspects carefully.)
  • Nikki: Ah! Here!
  • (There is the same pattern on the collar of the coat.)
  • Momo: A mysterious pattern... It seems that there are more and more puzzles around King Sayet.
  • Ace: About the pattern, scholars studying King Sayet have been racking their brains on it and King Sayet never explained. And it remains a puzzle after his death.
  • Nikki: Although I don't know what it means, I guess it could represent something he encountered or an idea he came up with during his travel of training.
  • Momo: And why is that?
  • Nikki: Because the pattern only appears on the works after the gap.
  • Momo: Wow... That is true!
  • Ace: You are really meticulous, Nikki. That's the furthest explanation of the scholars of the pattern.) [sic]
  • Nikki: I'm flattered, Ace.
  • Momo: But Momo feels this could be something like... a signature of King Sayet! You are all overthinking.
  • Ace: There's a compartment in there that keeps some manuscripts of King Sayet. You wanna have a look?
  • Nikki: Of course!
  • (The dim light from several lamps are giving the displays a tinge of antiquity and mystery.)
  • (The manuscripts are spread open on the counter. The papers look stiffened and the words blurred. They recorded the inspirations and self negations, they are the witness of a legend.)
  • Momo: Turns out King Sayet, like anyone else, would revise his designs again and again!
  • Ace: But his modifications were always so accurate, which distinguished him from us ordinary people.
  • Nikki: But... don't you get the feeling that his modifications are all made toward a style... or a system?
  • Momo: What does that mean?
  • Nikki: I felt that when I first saw these designs. His later works share unified styles. The collar format, the wristband design, and the waistline curve, they are literally the same!
  • Ace: Well, it really looks that way... It's about time. Let's meet the gentleman now.
  • Momo: (Whispering) Speaking of which, someone has been watching us when we were outside. Now they are coming in!
  • Ace: We'd better keep a low profile... Nikki, put on the Unnoticeable Clothes and we'll slip out the backdoor.


There is no concluding dialogue.


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