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  • (Nikki gives a gentle sigh at the thickening sunglow and the departing Kimi.)
  • Debbie: Well, it's about time! The Queen has given me an urgent mission!
  • Momo: Even Debbie is leaving?
  • Nikki: Debbie, thank you for saving us. Goodbye...
  • Debbie: Fool! You are making it too sad! We are not that close... And, Ace, you're sure you don't want to come along?
  • Ace: I got Orlando's mission on me. We will meet after this is done.
  • Debbie: Alright, if you say so! See you, everyone.
  • (The spaceship takes off, getting smaller and smaller in the air until it's completely gone.)
  • (Ace raises her hand and waves before Nikki, who pats her face to put herself together.)
  • Nikki: Ace, what do you know about the guy who has the clue? And what kind of clue is in his possession?
  • Ace: Not very much. We only met several times. As for the clue, I guess we have to find it out ourselves in the Ash Tree Institute of Design.
  • Momo: Ash Tree Institute of Design? What's that place? Is it related to King Sayet's works?
  • Ace: Looks like you don't know much about the history of Rolterdan. But I believe you must've heard of the renowned Nine-Day War.
  • Momo: Of course, I do. It's a Styling War where people fought for the three posthumous works of King Sayet!
  • Nikki: Is this place...
  • Ace: Yes. The real birthplace of King Sayet is a mystery. But the Ash Tree Institute of Design founded by King Sayet in Rolterdan is a household name.
  • Ace: The battles started from here because of people's respect for King Sayet. Rolterdan is indeed the best place to pay honor to this great stylist.
  • (Nikki looks back at the city that endured the vicissitudes of ages. The war in the past seems to put a grave veil on the delicate and vintage structure.)
  • Nikki: So the Nine-Day War happened in a school!
  • Ace: Yes, this institute also collected many works of King Sayet. Maybe you can find some other clues here.
  • Momo: Woah, secrets hidden in history? I can't wait!
  • Nikki: Let's go then!
  • Ace: It's late. And Nikki, you look tired already. Let's put on Comfortable Pajamas and get a good night's sleep. We can set out early tomorrow.


  • (Tavern)
  • (Ace opens the window, letting in the gentle evening breeze. Nikki falls backward onto the bed, taking a deep breath.)
  • (The bumpy, uneasy, and nerve-racking days have long rendered her sleepless.)
  • (The breeze kisses Nikki's face with a moist touch of the evening air. Even the firm bed seems to be extraordinarily comfortable.)
  • Ace: Nikki, what are you going to do if you find the clues?
  • Nikki: I don't know... In fact, I was planning to find Bobo...
  • Momo: Nikki! So am I. I wanted to find Bobo as well!
  • Nikki: Maybe I'm a little selfish, but too many things these days... I'm really lost. If Orlando hadn't found the clue, I would not know even where to begin...
  • Nikki: I want to stop Nidhogg and undo Lunar's tragedy. I want to protect the treasured memories, like White Blossom. And I want to restore Miraland to what it was...
  • Nikki: But above all, I want to see Bobo...
  • Momo: Nikki... Sleep now. We'll be looking for Bobo soon.
  • (Nikki closes her eyes, while the stars are blinking outside the window. Momo jumps into the bed, leans close to Nikki, and huddles up his tail.)
  • (The long night melts away the bodily tiredness but not the heart's yearnings.)