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  • ('Tick')
  • (In the darkness, the clock hand begins to go backwards.)
  • (Year 680, New Era, Rolterdan, Apple Federation.)
  • (Outside the scuttle of the spaceship, the sun rises and gradually moves to the other side. Another dusk is coming.)
  • (Suddenly, the communicator's light blinks. Ace presses a button and Orlando's image appears on the screen again.)
  • Orlando: If my calculation is right, Kimi, Nikki, and Ace, you must be in Rolterdan by now.
  • Ace: Yes. We're just about to land.
  • Orlando: Good. Nikki, I'd like you to wait for me in Rolterdan because my men have found some clues of King Sayet's work in the hand of Nidhogg. Hopefully, it may be helpful.
  • Nikki: King Sayet's Work... Thank you, Orlando. It indeed is the best way to crack Nidhogg's plot... I will be looking into it.
  • Orlando: It's my duty. Ace will bring you to this person for me.
  • Kimi: Orlando, what about you?
  • Orlando: I'm sorry, Kimi. I promised to catch you up, but the situation is getting complicated. Now I have to protect your dad on the journey to Black Water City.
  • Kimi: ...The capital of the North Kingdom?
  • Orlando: Yes. But rest assured. I'll see to his safety. And we'll stay in touch.
  • Kimi: ...Okay. It's a great relief to know he's safe. Please take care and don't push yourself too hard.
  • Momo: So, will Kimi come with us to search for the clues Orlando mentioned?
  • Kimi: I'm not going to stay in Rolterdan. So many things have happened on the road that I almost forgot why I set out. And I failed to protect White Blossom and those people...
  • Nikki: Kimi, I am to blame as well...
  • Kimi: No, it's not your fault. I've thought it over. It's because I still not strong enough. [sic] Time to return to Welton and start anew.
  • Orlando: I agree. Every second wasted pushes the group to a bigger danger.
  • Kimi: Don't worry, I'll take care of it first thing back to Welton. I will take back what belongs to me and support you as much as possible.
  • Nikki: Well, I guess we have to separate here. Kimi, best of luck. I'll try my best to find answers to all the questions.
  • (The sadness of parting ways fills the space. Nikki's eyes go red while Kimi goes away to avoid them.)
  • Kimi: Here, Nikki.
  • (Kimi unfolds her palm, revealing the Crystal Butterfly Ring found in the Treasure Room, one of King Sayet's designs in his early years.)
  • Nikki: Kimi?! It's too valuable...
  • Kimi: I believe you will find its secrets. I hope we both will be stronger the next time we meet.
  • (The Iron Rose slowly lands on a vacant spot outside the city, blowing away the scattered flowers under the tree.)
  • Debbie: This is the broadcast from Debbie, pilot of the Iron Rose. Dear passengers, we are now arriving at Rolterdan!
  • Kimi: Nikki, do you still remember when we first met? Before we say goodbye, let's compete over modern everyday clothes, shall we?
  • Momo: You still remember that, Kimi? Nikki must have forgotten it!
  • Nikki: (Speaking softly) That's not true...


There is no concluding dialogue.