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Story: Enveloped in the gentle halo of healing magic, Rachel narrates the old stories veiled in the secret forest.


  • Rachel: It was in the twilight when two young men came to Stele Forest. At then, Lord Chloris was sleeping and Lord Lakris was guarding the forest. It's almost 100 years ago.
  • Rachel: Although we never hate humans, we don't want our peace to be disturbed either. I was so angry and impatient that I was ready to drive them away without even asking who they were!
  • Rachel: I had a style contest with one of them, but I was taken aback by his design!
  • Rachel: Through his design I saw human cities and manors, I understood the stories of humans, and I felt his vivid emotions, which reminded me of the memories with my sister!
  • Nikki: Designs full of emotions and memories... Sounds like something designed by King Sayet...
  • Ace: Nearly 100 years ago... The time matches when young King Sayet went out to travel and train.
  • Nikki: And then? What happened then?
  • Rachel: So I allowed them to stay for a night in Stele Forest. That night, they told me they were traveling to seek inspirations and stumbled into Pigeon Forest.
  • Rachel: They asked me about ancient legends of the forest, so I took them to the stele of Evelyn and we entered the illusion of the stele.
  • Momo: The illusion of the stele? What's that?
  • Rachel: The steles in the Stele Forest do not only record history but can also bring people back to the past if they know the spell to open the illusion.
  • Nikki: So, they didn't only know the story of Evelyn, but also experienced it?
  • Rachel: Exactly. That very gifted young man was deeply touched, but the other one seems quite indifferent.
  • Momo: So... Who was 'the other one'?
  • Ransa: According to the info gathered by Iron Rose, the person who traveled with King Sayet in his early years should be his senior - The Designer of the Ancient Pavilion.
  • Nikki: King Sayet and the Designer of the Ancient Pavilion...
  • Debbie: Rachel, what about the second intruder who impressed you?
  • Rachel: The second one only happened within the last 20 years. A young man broke into the forest and disappeared by Lake Bovaly, but he was seen leaving by a fairy on the second day.
  • Mela: So what's special about him?
  • Rachel: It's not about him. But that night was the night that Lord of Kindred was freed.
  • Nikki: 'The Blood Moon is freed by the black dragon of the frozen abyss'... I remembered this sentence on the Memory of Time. Does that refer to this night?
  • Rachel: That's right. This is my sis' memory of that night. I learned of the details after she returned to the forest using the Page of Present.
  • Ace: In other words, this ordinary young man came to the Pigeon Forest and freed the Lord of Kindred?
  • Rachel: Maybe he's not ordinary at all... That night was a night of blood. When the seal was lifted, the Lord of Kindred conferred the blade he had kept with him for a thousand years on him.
  • Rachel: And to awaken the Lord of Kindred and his tremendous power from the seal of the elven king requires the power of blood. This is nothing an ordinary person can do.
  • Nikki: Black dragon... of the frozen abyss...