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Story: Nikki and her friend are having some rest in the Stele Forest, waiting for Elaine to take back good news. The broken bamboo in Nikki's hand reminds Ace of something...


  • (Stele Forest)
  • (Glowing green light slowly floats out from Rachel's fingertip and forms a huge translucent ball around Chloris.)
  • (Chloris is lying on a stele on the ground and the light falls upon his body.)
  • Debbie: Woah, it's a healing spell! I haven't seen a spell like this in a while since I left this forest.
  • Rachel: Stele Forest is the perfect place to cast healing spells. But my power can only keep the situation from getting worse... We still have to wait for Elaine's help to heal His Highness.
  • Nikki: Rachel, don't worry, Elaine will find a way. And we are all here to help.
  • (Rustling sound echoes in the Stele Forest. Elaine is searching by the light of healing spell, while Nikki and the others are resting by the trees and steles)
  • (Nikki is holding a piece of bamboo in her hand, the one that pinned Debbie's hat on the tree.)
  • Nikki: (Whispers) Who did it?
  • Ace: Maybe the Kindred?
  • Momo: Maybe Queen Elle sent her men to hunt us down!
  • Nikki: Momo!
  • Momo: Ah, I... I didn't mean it...
  • Ace: It's fine. I can understand... It's possible and we should proceed with caution.
  • (While Ace is still talking, her thought suddenly drifts elsewhere and not until Nikki calls her name does she recollect herself.)
  • Ace: Sorry, I was thinking of something else...
  • Nikki: Is it related to Queen Elle?
  • Ace: ...Although I believe what she's doing is not out of her own will, I still feel sad.
  • Nikki: I know, many things are as simple as they appear to be, like King Sayet's relics as well as Queen Elle. We won't blame her.
  • Ace: Thank you, Nikki.
  • (Ace smiles at Nikki but she still looks worried.)
  • (Nikki puts her own hands on Ace's hand. She wants to bring her warmth to Ace.)
  • Nikki: Ace, I know what you're thinking of. 'What happened to Queen Elle during the Nine-Day War must have happened to many other people', right?
  • Ace: This is indeed my concern... I know we are all working hard, but we practically know nothing besides that those stylists went to Nine-Day War, and that's far from enough...
  • Nikki: Yeah... After the Nine-Day War, fighting for the relics only soared. Only they never know the fight not only brings more violence but also deprives them of their memories.
  • Nikki: So we can only collect all the relics of King Sayet to stop things from getting worse. But it doesn't mean it's hopeless or we should give up!
  • Nikki: The relics of King Sayet are indeed incredible masterpieces, but they are clothes at their best. They shouldn't be used to be the tools to snatch memories and emotions.
  • Ace: Those great stylists fight for the relics out of the appreciation and reverence of King Sayet. They shouldn't have taken such heavy suffering.
  • Nikki: The culprit who instigated the Nine-Day War with King Sayet's relics should be punished! We are already walking the road to stop him. If it is not enough, then let's move faster!
  • Momo: Yeah, Ace, we even flew down from the high tower. Nothing will stop us!
  • Ace: Nikki, you can always surprise me.
  • (Ace grabs Nikki's hands and smiles again. She looks much better.)
  • Ace: Well, you're right.