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  • (After Nikki and Mela finish the contest, they see Debbie sitting by herself against a tree.)
  • Nikki: Debbie, are you alright?
  • Debbie: No... Nothing.
  • Momo: Nothing? You are pouting!
  • Debbie: I am not! I am just...
  • Nikki: It's okay. We are friends. If you got any trouble, tell us. We can help you.
  • (Debbie hesitates for a second before showing the hand hiding behind her.)
  • (She's holding her trencher cap. There's a big hole on it as it was pinned on the tree by the flying bamboo.)
  • Debbie: The cap... is broken.
  • Momo: Pfff... Hahaha, this is it? I thought it was something serious.
  • Debbie: But I really like this cap!
  • Nikki: Can I take a look?
  • (Debbie nods and hands the cap to Nikki.)
  • Nikki: Debbie, give me a minute.
  • (After a while, Nikki gives the cap back to Debbie.)
  • Debbie: My cap... has been stitched up? It looks like it's never broken!
  • Momo: Wow, where did you get the needle and threads, Nikki?
  • Nikki: I got some from Rachel.
  • Debbie: Nikki, you're awesome! Thank you for fixing my cap!
  • Nikki: You're welcome.
  • Debbie: Since you helped me, I should thank you with a contest! The theme will be Harajuku style. I'll show you some dressing tips that you don't know!


There is no concluding dialogue.