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  • (Elaine is laboriously seeking in the ocean of tomes, while Rachel is casting healing magic to maintain the condition of Chloris.)
  • (Nikki and the others are resting under a tree, waiting for a cure that helps Chloris recover.)
  • Nikki: I hope Elaine can find the book that records how to treat Prince Chloris.
  • Mela: Rest assured. She is not to be trifled with judging from her styling power. Finding a book won't be a problem for her.
  • Momo: Gosh, Mela, you are comforting Nikki?
  • Mela: Don't get me wrong, you fat cat. I am just making small talk.
  • Momo: Huh?
  • Mela: I wouldn't have bothered if she weren't the leader of Iron Rose.
  • Debbie: Mela, you've acknowledged Nikki as our new leader already? That's a surprise to me.
  • Mela: ...Me? I've never said anything like that.
  • Debbie: So, do you have any grudge against Nikki?
  • Mela: It's not like that... Hey! Why do you have so many questions! Little shorty!
  • Debbie: I'm not shorty! Humph!
  • Momo: What's wrong with these two?
  • Nikki: Maybe that's just the way they get along with each other.
  • Nikki: Mela, thank you. Would you like a style contest? Just take it as a practice.
  • Mela: Then let's try the simple and sexy style , shall we?


There is no concluding dialogue.