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  • Elaine: Found it! Here it is, carved in this stele. But...
  • (With one knee on the ground, Elaine touches an ancient stele. Everyone gathers around her.)
  • Nikki: But what?
  • (Elaine doesn't answer. She touches the stele while chanting a spell gently. As if imbued with life, the inscription slowly flies off the surface into the air.)
  • (The enchanted dance of the inscription blurred the space around it, warping vision until the entire Stele Forest transformed into another place.)
  • Momo: Hey! What happened? Where...are we? Is this... the illusion of the stele?
  • Nikki: This is... the Tree of Life... But somehow it looks a bit different from the one we saw.
  • Rachel: This is the Tree of Life a thousand years ago.
  • Debbie: Wow! The Tree of Life a thousand years ago! There are some shiny things up there...
  • Ace: ...Fruits?
  • Elaine: That's right. Those golden things are the fruits of the Tree of Life. Legend has it the fruits can even resurrect the dead. So it can also help Prince Chloris recover.
  • Nikki: But the 'current' Tree of Life is not bearing any fruit... When will it yield fruit?
  • Elaine: To bear fruits, it requires the joint effort of two Forest Guardians. With the Elven Queen gone, the Pigeon Forest hasn't seen Fruits of Life for a thousand years.
  • Nikki: The joint effort of two Elves... But both Guardians, Prince Chloris and Prince Lakris are unconscious...
  • Elaine: Yes... We all knew how to help His Highness, but it just cannot be done..
  • (Everyone falls into silence, trying to find a way to wake up Chloris and save Pigeon Forest.)
  • Debbie: (Whispers)Maybe... I know a way.
  • Nikki: How?
  • Momo: Tell us!
  • (Debbie is instantly surrounded. She scratches her head shyly.)
  • Debbie: At the foot of the Renieve Snowpeaks lies a Dwarven city named Plata. Since it's made of rocks it's also called the Stone City. There's a very old Dwarven Elder there.
  • Debbie: He's seen light and dark, he knows the past and the future, and he understands the law of survival and challenges all creatures are facing in Miraland.
  • Debbie: He's the oldest living being in the land, and he's been the leader of dwarves who are most close to elves. I think he must know how to help Prince Chloris recover!
  • Momo: Debbie, that sounds like a doable plan! You should have told us earlier!
  • Debbie: Only... Since many years ago, even before I was born, the elder has fallen into a long sleep and has never waked up. So if we want him to help us, we have to wake him up first...
  • Nikki: Then let's go to Stone City to awaken the Chief now!
  • Debbie: Countless people who sought his help have tried to wake him up, but they all failed.
  • Debbie: Nikki, do you remember? In the Palace Tower I asked you if it took sacrifices to complete the relic, would you still be willing to?
  • Nikki: I would... So the sleeping chief is the reason why you asked me the question?
  • Debbie: That's right. According to the info gathered by Iron Rose, the Dwarven Treasure in the Queen's poem is connected to this Elder of City Plata. But awakening him won't be easy.
  • Nikki: Well, I guess we must try!
  • Ace: I knew you would say that.
  • Nikki: It won't be easy, but it should be possible. We should try our best!
  • Debbie: I see. I'm taking with me the communicator with Stone City. Ransa, Nikki, change into operator suit and contact with the dwarves there.
  • Ransa: ...Why me?


There is no concluding dialogue.