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  • Ace: By the way, Nikki, when we were at the Shadow City, you said that you had already found 'Elven Star'. What does that mean?
  • Nikki: At the Shadow City, according to the records in the Memory of Time and the poems in the high tower, we inferred that the 'Elven Star' is the reflection of stars on Lake Bovaly.
  • Nikki: I had the same thoughts before reaching Lake Bovaly, Elven Star must be an actual material that is used to craft King Sayet's relics.
  • Nikki: But when we returned to the Pigeon Forest from the Shadow City, I finally felt it, the Elven Star, it was right beside me...
  • Nikki: Those Kindred and elven specters in the Shadow City... They longed for sunlight even they knew it would burn them. Evelyn wanted no bloodshed and she sacrificed herself for peace.
  • Nikki: Although I don't know what it has to do with the relics... I think that the Elven Star may not be anything concrete. It could be some emotion or a piece of memory?
  • Ransa: A piece of memory... In that case, we can't do anything with it even if we can find it, right?
  • Nikki: Of course, we can! Ransa, Ace, you still remember those things before we came to the Pigeon Kingdom?
  • Ace: ...We were investigating King Sayet's works at his youth. And we saw his memory in a piece of clothes he made himself. It's truly unique...
  • Nikki: That's right, to King Sayet, memory is not only what happened in the past, but it could also be the highlight of a whole suit.
  • Debbie: Wait... Attach the memory to the clothes? What are you talking about...
  • Nikki: We came to know it after many investigations. King Sayet stores memories in his works. These works can not only take people into his memory but also have great power in a contest.
  • Debbie: I... think I can get it, but not really...
  • Momo: All in all, memory is crucial to King Sayet's works!
  • Ransa: But this is only a speculation. We have no proof of this.
  • Nikki: You are right, but to think from another angle... Why King Sayet became the star shining all over Miraland? Why was he called a 'King'? He must see what others cannot see.
  • Nikki: In the eyes of such a person, what makes something a 'Star' that eternally shines on a race?
  • Nikki: From Evelyn's story, I saw all souls' equal longing for life. Maybe he made this design with such sentiment in mind. Maybe this is the memory he wanted to store in this piece.
  • Mela: You got a point, but the stories of Evelyn have not been heard for hundreds of years, so how did King Sayet know?
  • Nikki: Um... I'm not sure about this either.
  • Momo: Maybe he heard it from someone else?
  • Debbie: That's a possibility! Anyone who lives in the Pigeon Forest and the Shadow City knows about the stories of Evelyn.
  • Ace: But, had King Sayet been to the Pigeon Forest or ...the Shadow City?
  • Ransa: The Pigeon Forest only recently opened to humans, and wasn't Shadow City sealed until yesterday?
  • Rachel: Maybe I can ofer some information.
  • (The last bit of light emanating from Rachel's fingertip completes the healing halo enveloping Chloris. Then, Rachel walks towards Nikki and the others.)
  • Rachel: Although the Pigeon Forest has been closed off for a while, there still were humans who managed to break in. Two of them were very impressive.
  • Nikki: Rachel, can you tell us who they were?
  • Rachel: Of course, but I have a small request. Elaine said that Nikki is an amazing stylist. If you defeat me in a style contest, I'll be glad to tell you the stories.
  • Momo: Nikki has no problem with it! What's the theme?
  • Rachel: It's almost time for afternoon tea, why don't we make 'dress for afternoon tea' the theme?


There is no concluding dialogue.