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  • (They step on the path back to Stele Forest. Suddenly, Rachel walking in the front turns back.)
  • Rachel: Your Highness... we can notice the other Forest Elves...
  • Chloris: (Interrupts) It's not necessary.
  • (Rachel pouts and thinks for a while. She then walks to Chloris and holds his arm.)
  • Rachel: Your Highness. You don't have to refuse. It's not only about you.
  • (Chloris sighs and wants to say something, but finally remains silent.)
  • Nikki: I hope Prince Chloris will be alright...
  • Ace: Nikki, don't worry, Elaine will figure it out. She's the best healer in the forest.
  • (At this moment, Debbie, who is leading the way, suddenly screams.)
  • Mela: Debbie?! What happened?
  • Debbie: My... My hat...
  • (Everyone looks at where Debbie is pointing at. Her hat has been nailed to a tree by a sharp piece of bamboo.)
  • Ace: This is a piece of cut bamboo? Where is it from?
  • Debbie: I didn't see clearly... It suddenly flew from that way...
  • Mela: You are lucky to be short, or you would be the one on the tree.
  • Debbie: Mela! What are you talking...
  • (Just then, some weird sound passes over and rapid air current sends over countless sharp bamboos toward Nikki and her friends!)
  • Nikki: Watch out! Move!
  • Momo: Gosh! Help!
  • (Before they could react, the sharp bamboo array already showers down, the ferocious wind blowing up Nikki's hair!)
  • (At that moment, countless light arrows shoot out from behind Nikki, illuminating the whole sky gold. After the light and bamboo clash, it turns into countless light fragments.)
  • (When she opens her eyes again, it's like a light rain just stopped and nothing has happened.)
  • (Nikki looks back at Chloris, who seems to be in a trance.)
  • (The light at Chloris's right hand suddenly snaps out. And the exhausted man finally falls into the irresistible slumber.)
  • (The next moment, Chloris falls.)
  • Rachel: ...Your Highness!
  • (Nikki and Ace rush to hold him up, but he has already fallen unconscious.)
  • Nikki: Prince Chloris! Wake up!
  • Ace: ...Calm down, Nikki, he just fainted. Let Elaine take a look first.
  • (Nikki and Ace put Chloris down by a tall tree. Elaine checks Chloris's condition again.)
  • Elaine: Your Highness...
  • (Tears start to run down Elaine's cheek as she opens her mouth.)
  • Elaine: Not this again... During the War of Kindred and Elf, I failed to save my teacher and the King. Now, I can't save the Prince...
  • (Elaine's voice is trembling as she speaks and what she says makes everyone depressed.)
  • Rachel: Sister...
  • Nikki: Elaine, don't give up! We haven't found the book yet. There's still hope!
  • Debbie: Yeah, Elaine. Let's head back to the Stele Forest first. We cannot afford to delay any longer!
  • Elaine: ...Let's all dress up like animals . My spell will help you run as fast as the animals in the forest. We need to hurry.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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