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Story: The entrance of Shadow City that has been sealed for a thousand years is opened once again by Chloris. The reflection of stars returns to Lake Bovaly, but Pigeon Forest falls into a dark fog...


  • (Beside Lake Bovaly, Pigeon Forest)
  • (In the night, the bugs hum incessantly here and there, like the whisper of the forest or its sleep talk.)
  • (The group of people has left under the guidance of Sylver, only Chloris is left beside Lake Bovaly.)
  • (Chloris looks up and lets his face bathed in the moonlight. It's all so serene and peaceful like time has stopped.)
  • (Pigeon Forest is withering, the Tree of Life is dying... The War of Kindred and Elves will never end. From pain and bones the next Shadow City will be born.)
  • (He and Cesare, the fated twins...they could be the end of the feud of thousands of years.)
  • (The moonlight and the winds over the lake convene in Chloris' hands and form an arrow of light. He removes a glove and slits his palm with the arrow.)
  • (He steps on his reflection on the Lake Bovaly, then ascends into the air. The longbow is drawn fully and the arrow of blood and light dashes to the lake with the wind force.)
  • (The arrow immerses into the lake. The lake stirs violently then regains quietness. After a while, puffs of black fog exude from the lake surface and shroud the whole place.)
  • (The dark fog slowly spreads throughout the forest. As it thins out, the stars can be vaguely seen twinkling on the surface of the lake.)
  • (Beneath the huge Tree of Life, white rivers of light dots, like tiny galaxies, flow out of his body in strands into the night.)
  • Chloris: Shadow City... has awakened.
  • (After thousands of years, the portal between the two worlds is opened once more. As all the light leaves Chloris's body, he falls down heavily.)
  • (However, his body doesn't hit the ground, but something soft.)
  • (The starlight in Lake Bovaly turns into countless fairies. They are holding Chloris with their own hands.)
  • (At that moment, the Tree of Life turns into a huge throne of vines and leaves to welcome the presence of Chloris.)
  • (The wind carries a greeting from the forest, ancient as the trees themselves.)
  • ???: We meet again, Chloris.
  • (As the deep voice echoes in the forest, the fairies turn into ghastly ghosts in an instant, hovering before Chloris.)
  • (The dark fog gradually converges around the fallen souls and from within, two purple irises peer out.)
  • Chloris: Cesare...
  • (Chloris stands the bow on the ground and leans on it, face pallid.)
  • Cesare: Removing the seal weakened you to such an extent... Isn't it like what happened thousands of years ago. In the war of Kindred and Elves, you gave all you had at that time.
  • Chloris: This is the destiny the elves must face. I've made my choice.
  • (Cesare's body slowly emerges from the dark mist, a sarcastic smile across his face.)
  • Cesare: The elves have chosen to face their destiny? As for us... we have no choice but to shatter destiny.
  • (The undead gather around him and let out piercing howls. The black mist crawls towards Chloris, binding him tightly to the throne.)
  • (The blood on Chloris's hand flows over the glowing elf token on his wrist.)
  • Cesare: The peace of Pigeon Forest in the last thousand years was nothing but an illusion.
  • Cesare: You will see the truth of history, and I will exact its price.
  • (Cesare takes Chloris' arm.)
  • Cesare: Come, Chloris, let our memories convene at long last.
  • (Cesare bites Chloris' wrist, his fangs sinking deep into his flesh. Fresh blood begins to stream down.)
  • (Suddenly, Chloris' body starts quivering violently, as though his soul was leaving. He seems to be able to feel others' heartbeat and breath, and see the world through their eyes.)
  • (This feeling is all too familiar.)
  • (Blood, war, cry.)
  • (Lake, blade, nightmare.)
  • (Life is born with pain, accompanied by the desire for freedom.)
  • (Pain wells up inside Chloris' chest, as though he bore a thousand-year-old wound inside.)
  • (Cesare lets go of Chloris, and places a hand over his eyes.)
  • Cesare: The night has come, and the dawn... shall never return.


  • This stage, like other side stages, requires no stamina and drops no items.