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Story: The moon rises high when Ace and the others finally arrive at Pigeon Forest. When they move out to meet Nikki, Sylver, who suddenly appears, tells them Nikki is not here...


  • (On the edge of Pigeon Forest)
  • (The moon is at the top of the sky. Chasing the fluorescent light, Ace, Ransa, Debbie, and Chloris hurry to the edge of Pigeon Forest.)
  • Ace: We are late. We have to hurry to meet Nikki.
  • (Just as they prepare to enter the forest, a little fairy flies hurriedly out of the trees.)
  • Sylver: Prince Chloris! You're finally back!
  • Chloris: Sylver? What are you doing here?
  • Debbie: ...Sylver, aren't you supposed to lead Nikki and Mela to the Stele Forest?
  • Sylver: This is what I want to tell you. I've been waiting for them here since the nightfall but they never showed up. Could something have happened?
  • Ransa: ...Perhaps they have entered the Pigeon Forest by themselves?
  • Ace: I don't think so. Should she change the plan, she would at least give me a message.
  • Chloris: Let's go to Stele Forest. Maybe she's there.
  • (A vast area of various steles, just like a forest of stones. What are inscribed on the stones record stories long long ago.)
  • (A young girl in classic ceremonial Pigeon attire pokes her head out from behind a slab. She lets out a small sound upon realizing who her guests are.)
  • ???: Prince Chloris, I haven't seen you in Stele Forest for many years. What is it this time?
  • Chloris: We're looking for someone.
  • Sylver: Rachel, have you seen a human girl with pink hair recently?
  • Rachel: A human girl? I can't say I have, but...
  • Sylver: What?
  • Rachel: I just spoke with my sister, and she says two human girls just left her place. One of them has pink hair. Oh, they have a talking cat too.
  • Debbie: That has to be Nikki and Mela! Where can we find your sister?
  • Rachel: on the other side of this world.
  • Ace: What does that mean?
  • Chloris: Elaine... is in the Shadow City.
  • Debbie: Shadow City? How did they get in?
  • Ransa: That doesn't matter. What's important is how we can get them out of there?
  • Sylver: The only exit has been sealed for a thousand years...
  • Ace: A thousand years...
  • (Suddenly, a white dove descends from a tree, and disappears in front of Chloris.)
  • (The white feathers left behind are transformed into a letter that slowly falls to the ground. Its seal bears the image of a blood-red rose.)
  • Ransa: This dove... I've seen it before. I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Chloris: 'Your friend has already arrived in Shadow City. Please wait for it to awake'...
  • Debbie: The Shadow City... A place no one returns after they go.
  • Ace: ... So Nikki and Mela?
  • (Debbie bites her lips nodding. Chloris folds the letter in his hands.)
  • Chloris: No, there is still another way.


  • This stage does not use up stamina and does not drop any items.