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  • Mela: ...What is this place?
  • Momo: You didn't listen to a thing, did you? Just like every other bad girl...
  • Nikki: This is the Page of Present in Memory of Time. We can see the Pigeon Forest as it was at any point in time.
  • Momo: Huh... That person running in front of us... Why does she seem so familiar?
  • Momo: Eh?!... She's running towards us!
  • (Nikki and Momo dodge aside and the girl who was running while looking around hurriedly bumps into Mela.)
  • Mela: Ouch... Watch the way!
  • Momo: (Whispers) You weren't watching, either...
  • Aron: Sorry, sorry, I was watching everywhere except the front! Are you okay?
  • Momo: Well, if it isn't Aron!
  • Aron: Nikki? Momo? I never thought we'd meet in Pigeon Forest!
  • Nikki: Hello, Aron. What are you doing here?
  • Aron: My sports club is gonna have a tour in the Pigeon Forest, so I come to set up the route for it!
  • Momo: No wonder you were looking around.
  • Aron: Yep... Sorry about that, again.
  • Mela: I'll let it go this time, but try to be more careful.
  • Aron: Yes!
  • Aron: It just came to my mind that our club's going on a jogging tomorrow morning. Since you're here, Nikki, can you help me style a running outfit for tomorrow?
  • Momo: Your club sure does have a lot of events... Nikki, showtime!


There is no concluding dialogue.