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  • (Nikki and the others hide behind a long-decayed tree, and gaze back at Lake Bovaly and the Tree of Life.)
  • (While the lake surface remains still, the black water underneath and the reflection of blood moon start tangling. The so-called 'Tree of Life' emits a smell of decay.)
  • Momo: ...What on earth is going on here? What happened to Kyle?
  • Mela: It's not just him, everything has changed in this place.
  • Nikki: Or... This is what it was like...
  • (Kyle's last look flashes in Nikki's mind again. It's a smile with endless grief and despair.)
  • Nikki: ...The stars are reflected on the eternal silent lake... Elves guard the dark secret for generations... Is this the 'dark secret'?
  • (A wind out of nowhere sweeps through the forest, the rustling dead leaves sound like the painful moan in dark night.)
  • (The bleak moonlight casts down on the giant canopy of the Tree of Life, its shaking shadow is like the token of this otherworld.)
  • Nikki: Shadow City... This is Shadow City!
  • (As if in response to Nikki, countless ghosts emerge all around them, wailing and howling in agony.)
  • Momo: What? We're not in Pigeon Forest at all... Crap! We're in the Shadow City! No wonder the epics in Memory of Time are all about the Shadow City!
  • (As the moon turns fully red, the dead gather above Lake Bovaly, swirling and crying with their arms raised up high.)
  • (Their voices, filled with the agony of endless craving and suffering, shudder Nikki's heart.)
  • (Suddenly, the lake surface ripple violently and everything turns all quiet.)
  • (An arrow of pure, white light shoots out of the lake into the air. It bursts, showering the dead with countless dots of fluorescent light.)
  • (The light dots fall onto the lake in the end, and after a short rippling, turn into the reflections of stars.)
  • Momo: ...What just happened?
  • Nikki: I don't know...
  • (Now, Lake Bovaly looks as quiet as a mirror. Like nothing has happened, like everything is a dream. What's left are only the reflections of the stars and blood moon.)
  • Debbie: Mela! Nikki!
  • Mela: Debbie? What are you doing here?
  • Debbie: We're here to save you, of course! Prince Chloris has just opened the exit of Shadow City! Hurry, let's go!
  • Nikki: But...I have so many questions...
  • Debbie: I know, I know! Let's get back to Pigeon Forest, then you will know everything.
  • Ace: Go this way so we can leave Shadow City and return to Pigeon Forest.
  • Debbie: Before we go back, change into a Flower Themed Clothes to match the vibrant atmosphere of Pigeon Forest!


  • (Elaine's song drifts over from far far away, singing about the hatred and yearning of every undead soul in the Shadow City.)
  • (Blood-red flowers bloom by the lake, leading a path to the reality.)
  • (Walking among Kindred, the spirits of elves, and the undead, Nikki, however, can feel their strong yearning for finite life and searing sunlight.)
  • (Just like the reflection shines as brilliantly as the stars, a soul is nothing different.)
  • Nikki: I think... We have already found them.
  • Ace: What?
  • Nikki: The Elven Stars.
  • (This is the 'Elven Stars', one of the priceless treasures of Miraland.)


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