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  • Kyle: Up ahead is Lake Bovaly.
  • (In the direction Kyle points, Nikki pushes aside the vines before her.)
  • (In the moonlight, the lake glitters before Nikki's eyes. In its center stands a tall, solitary tree, its vines reaching down into the surrounding waters.)
  • Nikki: That's Lake Bovaly...and the Tree of Life.
  • Momo: It's the place we saw in the mirror world!
  • (Nikki looks up into the vast night sky, the stars above exuding tiny but brilliant lights.)
  • (She then looks down at Lake Bovaly. There are a bright moon and the Tree of Life whose soft light ripples with waves.)
  • Mela: Feels like something is missing.
  • Nikki: ... The reflection of stars... There is no reflection of stars on the water surface!
  • (The ambiance goes serious as they find the fact. They slow down and carefully walk near Lake Bovaly.)
  • Kyle: As promised, you should let me go now.
  • Nikki: Of course. You're free to go.
  • (On the lake surface, Nikki sees the enormous reflection of the Tree of Life, then she turns to see hers--)
  • (But there is nothing.)
  • Nikki: What... Where is my shadow!?
  • (In the water, there are reflections of Ace, Ransa, Debbie, and Chloris.)
  • Nikki: Ace... Ace!
  • (Seemingly unable to hear or see Nikki, Ace continues talking to Chloris.)
  • Nikki: ...Momo! Mela! You--
  • (When Nikki turns around to tell her friends this strange thing, she finds they are staring into Kyle.)
  • (Right before them, Kyle's appearance of an elf gradually fades away.)
  • (His light hair turns black, and the fangs in the corner of his mouth slowly grow larger. His paper-white skin is almost transparent in the pale moonlight.)
  • Momo: Kyle... Are you still Kyle?
  • (At that moment, the space around begins pulsing. In this pulse, the moon shows deeper and deeper red and all the florae in the forest turn gray.)
  • (Fairies and animals alike turn savage, their eyes glinting maliciously in the leaves. Even the fog and the waters of Lake Bovaly have turned black.)
  • Mela: Something is wrong! We have to get out of here!
  • (Grabbing Momo with one hand and pulling Nikki with the other, Mela leads them running back the way they came.)
  • Nikki: Wait! What about Kyle?
  • Mela: Forget about him!
  • (Pulled by Mela, Nikki keeps running, but there are so many questions in her heart that are not answered.)
  • (She cannot help looking back at Kyle, but she finds him [sic] has become another person.)
  • (He looks down at his own hands and, when he sees Nikki's confused face, smiles... A very repugnant smile.)
  • Momo: This is horrible! Hiding in here is not enough. Nikki, change into camouflage clothes !


There is no concluding dialogue.