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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: ...that's why we want to lend the epic of the forest.
  • (Elaine, who heard Nikki out on stone steps, now stands up. Her dress waves gently in the air, shaking off fluorescent light dots into the air which form a warm halo.)
  • Elaine: I understand what you mean, but I cannot lend you Memory of Time.
  • Momo: ...But why?
  • (Elaine shuts the book in her hands, and its light gradually dies down.)
  • Elaine: Sometimes, history is amicable. Sometimes, history is solemn. But whatever it is, it's never open to those who show no respect.
  • Momo: Of course we-
  • (Nikki stops Momo. She shakes her head at him, then slowly walks before Elaine.)
  • Nikki: We are truly sorry that we came without asking previously and made such an unreasonable request... but we really have to know the truth in the history.
  • Elaine: I admire your bravery, but surely you must know bravery is not always enough?
  • Nikki: I know...but I have to try! Let's have a styling match! If I lose, we will leave immediately, but if I win, you will lend us Memory of Time!
  • Mela: (Whispers) She's not bluffing. Judging by her outfit, her styling skills are anything but ordinary.
  • Elaine: Tell me, where does this bravery of yours come from?
  • Nikki: From the people most important to me, who believe in me with all their hearts... Every bit of my bravery comes from them!
  • (Hearing Nikki's answer, Elaine's polite expression, for the first time, turns into a smile.)
  • Elaine: The test is traditional ceremonial Pigeon attire . I must warn you, this test is more challenging than whatever you have taken before.

Conclusion: Edit

  • Mela: Though your victory mostly attributes to your luck, you have my praise. Nicely done!
  • Momo: Nikki is the best, as always!
  • (Elaine hands the heavy tome to Nikki, who carefully places it on her lap and begins reading.)
  • (As she flips through the book, it begins emitting a soft, warm light.)
  • (However, the further she delves into its contents, the more furrowed her brow becomes.)
  • Nikki: The Shadow City... The history and stories are all about this place.
  • Momo: Lemme take a look!
  • (Momo squeezes into Nikki's arms and peers carefully at the writing in the book.)
  • Momo: Shadow City... War of Kindred and Elves... Kindred... What are all these about? I cannot understand at all!
  • Mela: There is nothing we need here.
  • Nikki: It looks like we came to the wrong place, after all...
  • Momo: Hey, Nikki! Look here!
  • (Nikki looks where Momo is pointing, an inscription giving off a faint, blood-red glow.)
  • Nikki: ... From the boundary of darkness and light, the desire for blood was born; Beneath the pale moonlight, thorns start crawling...
  • Nikki: The dawn which sealed the darkness eroded away, and Lake Bovaly lost the reflection of stars forever...
  • Nikki: When the Blood Moon is freed by the black dragon of the frozen abyss, he will once again embrace the power of blood and brilliance of the faith...
  • Momo: Who is 'he'?
  • Nikki: Someone in the Shadow City, perhaps? No! That's not the point! Look here, '... and Lake Bovaly lost the reflection of stars forever...'
  • Nikki: Do you remember what the inscription in the Royal City tower said, Momo?
  • Nikki: '... The stars are reflected on the eternal silent lake...'. If 'Reflection of Star' is what we are looking for, then 'Lake Bovaly' is...
  • Mela: The clue collected by Iron Rose also suggested the close connection of 'Elven Stars' with Lake Bovaly.
  • Momo: Does this mean... All the clues piece together?
  • Nikki: The 'Elven Star' could very well be the long-gone reflection of stars! That's why so many people cannot find it!
  • Mela: In one sentence, we are going to Lake Bovaly.

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