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  • (Still restrained by Mela, Kyle leads Nikki and others off the main road through the woods. He would look around alertly even when they take a little path.)
  • Nikki: Kyle, why don't we take the main road? That road goes this way too, right?
  • Momo: Yeah! This path is a soft little paws are getting calluses!
  • Mela: Maybe this path is not a shortcut at all. I think he's taking us in circles!
  • Kyle: It's no shortcut, but I'm walking this way. And if you want to find Elaine, you have to go with me.
  • (Ignoring Mela's angry gaze, he stands still and looks at the earth in the front stubbornly.)
  • Nikki: Kyle, what's out there? Are you afraid of something?
  • (Kyle glances at Nikki, then looks away.)
  • Nikki: You can trust us. We want to help.
  • (Unable to remain silent any longer, Kyle finally gives in.)
  • Kyle: We are not alone in this forest. If we are found, not only me, you all will be caught.
  • Momo: What? It makes perfect sense to me if they capture you since you 'eat' too much, but why us?
  • Kyle: Will the predator tell the prey why it's eaten?
  • (Dead silence ensues the words. Everyone frowns.)
  • Momo: ...What do you mean? Are there cannibals living here?
  • Kyle: Much worse than that...
  • Nikki: But this goes against anything I've read or heard about...
  • Kyle: I don't know what your books told you, but this place is what it is, and nobody can change it!
  • Kyle: We don't even have the choice to be the predator or... the prey.
  • (Kyle falls into grief. There seems to be a lot in his mind, but he holds them back.)
  • Nikki: Kyle, I'm sorry... We don't know much about the situation here...
  • (Nikki bends over and pats Kyle on the head. She wants to console him, but doesn't know how.)
  • Momo: Then... Let's move on the small paths, but don't you do anything fishy!
  • (With Kyle's guidance, they continue sneaking through the forest for what seems like ages. Finally, they see a grassy clearing bathed in fluorescent light.)
  • Kyle: Elaine is here.
  • (Nikki walks towards the glowing clearing when the fluorescent light suddenly splits apart and makes a path in the midst.)
  • (By the end of the path, at the center of the clearing, there is a girl in classic Pigeon dress.)
  • (Eyes closed, hands holding a thick tome, she's like relishing the story in the book.)
  • Mela: That's Elaine?
  • Kyle: Yes. And the book she is holding is the epic of the forest - Memory of Time.
  • (Covered with the shadow of the intertwined vines in fluorescent light, she is like an ancient legend or a mysterious story.)
  • Momo: What a beautiful setting! I wish I could read the storybook of hers!
  • Nikki: Same here! Let's ask if she knows any clues about the 'Elven Stars'.
  • Momo: Wait! Nikki, put on a set of Bookish Cloud Clothes first! Your chances of success will be higher!


There is no concluding dialogue.