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  • Nikki: Another fork in the road...
  • Momo: Nikki, Mela, it's rock-paper-scissors time. Let's go right if Nikki wins, left if Mela wins.
  • Mela: You two play your little games. I'm going right.
  • Momo: Hey!? Come back! Can't you lighten up even a little?
  • (Nikki suddenly notices something stirring in the woods, behind them. Just as she turns her head, a figure dashes out, knocking her to the ground.)
  • Nikki: Ah!
  • (Pressing her on the ground, the thing opens its mouth to bite into Nikki's neck. At that moment, Nikki sees the sharp fangs belong to no humans in its mouth and she freezes.)
  • (Nikki screams and struggles. As she reaches out her arms to block the thing, its fangs sink into her flesh and blood streams down.)
  • Mela: Follow, young lady-
  • Momo: Nikki!!!
  • (The figure opens his mouth again, a low growl emerging from inside his throat. Nikki, who can only use her wounded arms to defend, tries desperately to turn her body aside.)
  • (His fangs draw closer to her neck, so close Nikki can feel his hot, beastly breath against her skin.)
  • (Nikki shuts her eyes, a million gruesome scenes flashing through her mind, but suddenly, the weight pressing on her body disappears.)
  • (She opens eyes and sees that Mela has already pinned the man down on the ground, his hands firmly fixed on his back.)
  • (Momo stands alertly before Nikki, waving his claws to him.)
  • Momo: Don't you dare to hurt Nikki!
  • (Mela pulls down the small figure's hood, revealing his large eyes and pointed ears.)
  • Nikki: ...A child?
  • Momo: A little elf! And a cute one... I mean, who are you?! What do you want!
  • (The elf stops struggling, but refuses to answer Momo's question.)
  • (Nikki stands up and carefully approaches him. Mela forces him onto his feet to face Nikki.)
  • Nikki: I don't know who you are, or why you attacked me... but if you can communicate, please answer our questions.
  • (The elf looks at Nikki, who is still bleeding but looks very serious.)
  • Kyle: ...I am Kyle.
  • (His voice is coarse and trembling, like he has not spoken for years.)
  • Nikki: Okay, Kyle, why are you after us?
  • Kyle: To eat you, obviously.
  • Momo: What?! How could you do that!
  • Kyle: A bite won't kill you.
  • Momo: ...What are you talking about? Are you crazy?
  • Nikki: Let's make a deal. If you take us where we want to go and promise not to do anything dangerous like that, we can let you go. Well?
  • Kyle: Promise you won't attack me?
  • Momo: Hey! You attacked us first, remember?!
  • Nikki: Very well. I promise.
  • Kyle: Where do you want to go?
  • Nikki: Stele Forest. Prince Chloris said it's a place full of steles inscribed with epics.
  • Kyle: ... I don't know this place, but I can take you to Elaine, the guardian of the Forest Epics. But know this, the place she lives has no steles.
  • Mela: Elf Prince has no reason to cheat us. Elaine is not our person.
  • Momo: It's about epics. I guess it's all the same...
  • Nikki: I agree. After all, we have not found the way to Stele Forest... Maybe Elaine could tell us something about it.
  • Nikki: What do you think, Mela?
  • Mela: You are the leader.
  • Nikki: Then it's settled. Could you take us to Elaine now, please?
  • Kyle: Of course, but before that... you'll need to change into something that looks delicious to eat .
  • Momo: I think he means cute and sweet ... Can't you think of anything besides eating?! Asking so many things! You know you are a captive, right?


There is no concluding dialogue.