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  • (In the dense mist, Nikki instinctively holds her arms out in front of her. Damp air flows past her rapidly, making her feel chill.)
  • Momo: Is this a natural thing? Hey... Nikki! Look!
  • (Upon hearing Momo's voice, Nikki slowly lowers her arms and opens her eyes.)
  • Nikki: Wow!
  • (Inside the misty forest, starlight and moonlight cast down through the leaves onto meadows and the river, making it a fairyland. The little boat now moves slowly under the light.)
  • (Through the mist in the dim night, you can see spirits resting on the giant ancient trees and the charming light in the eyes of the night creatures in the flowers.)
  • Momo: The night of Pigeon Forest is so beautiful like a world in fairy tales. Though... it's a bit dark...
  • Nikki: ...Somehow, it feels different from the Pigeon Forest I saw before...
  • Mela: If you took your eyes off the scenery for a second, you'd realize your little elf friend is missing.
  • Nikki: Huh? Sylver? She was with us just now...
  • Momo: The wind was pretty strong when the fog came over us... Sylver is so tiny. Could she get blown into the river!?
  • (Momo crouches down on the edge of the boat and scans the river intently, but to no avail.)
  • Nikki: The water is so clear, but I don't see her anywhere... Besides, Sylver can fly, so I don't think she could've fallen in.
  • Mela: Well, she couldn't have just vanished into thin air, right?
  • Momo: I don't know why, but I'm feeling a chill down my spine...
  • Nikki: Maybe... She was caught up by something urgent? Let's stop here and search around.
  • (After disembarking, Nikki and Mela tie the boat to a nearby tree and they begin searching the surrounding forest for Sylver.)
  • (However, the heavy fog blocks their view and gives the searching itself an eerie feeling.)
  • Mela: How are we supposed to look for her in this fog?
  • Momo: I can't even see my own paws, much less Sylver!
  • Nikki: No, we've searched everywhere around. We were only caught in the fog for a brief moment, she couldn't have gone far...unless...
  • Momo: ...Unless someone doesn't want us to find her.
  • (Everyone stops dead in their tracks. The wind somehow feels chilling now.)
  • Mela: We're wasting time here. Do you have any better ideas?
  • Nikki: You're right, we don't have time...Even without Sylver, we still have to find a way to Stele Forest.
  • Momo: Let's get going, Nikki. I'm sure Sylver will go to Stele Forest to meet us when she's back.
  • Nikki: ...Alright. Let's go.
  • Momo: The forest is getting colder, so change into Northern attire before we go. How about Northern Ethnic Style ?


There is no concluding dialogue.