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  • (Year 680, New Era, the edge of Pigeon Forest)
  • (A soft night breeze emerges from within the forest, carrying the scent of wildflowers, woodland freshness, and star-like fireflies to Nikki.)
  • (Nikki, with her eyes closed, takes a deep breath of the sweet refreshing air, but then sighs.)
  • Momo: Nikki, what is it? You seem unhappy...
  • Nikki: I'm worried about Ace... I want to know if they are doing well.
  • Mela: Are you doubting the strength of Iron Rose? Shouldn't you worry about yourself first?
  • Momo: Mela! What's that supposed to mean?!
  • Mela: (Whisper) What a burden...
  • Nikki: Mela, don't get me wrong. I just think-
  • Mela: (Interrupts) Save it. Rest assured, I'll do my job as it's Ace's mission. We've been waiting for the elf for too long. Let's compete so that we can admire the power of our 'leader'?
  • Momo: You asked for it! Nikki won't be scared of you!
  • Mela: The theme is sexy and mature outfit . I could use some practice anyway.


  • ???: Nikki, Momo! We meet again!
  • Momo: You're finally here, Sylver! Long time no see!
  • Sylver: It has been a long time, indeed. I've missed you, my friends! I'm so grateful Prince Chloris allowed me to welcome you myself!
  • Mela: You know each other?
  • Nikki: Yup! We met Sylver at the elves' Midsummer Night Ball, and she even invited us to take part in Pigeon Forest's Snow Ball! So we're no strangers here in Pigeon Forest.
  • Sylver: I was caught up on the road here. My apologies. Let's not tarry any longer, follow me please!
  • (Sylver takes Nikki, Momo, and Mela along the outside of Pigeon Forest, but not into it.)
  • Sylver: Just for your information, recently, there have been great fogs in the Pigeon Forest. Even we elves could get easily lost.
  • Sylver: So, we are gonna take a secret path where we cannot get lost!
  • Momo: A secret path?! What is it! Cannot be influenced by heavy fog... Is it a tunnel?!
  • Sylver: Hahaha, you'll see soon enough.
  • (Not long after, a crystal-clear river appears before them, a small boat docked on its banks.)
  • Sylver: This is it! This river flows straight from the Renieve Snowpeaks and into Lake Bovaly. I've prepared a small vessel, all aboard everyone!
  • Momo: I see! If we enter the forest by the river, we can never get lost.
  • Nikki: Sylver, you are so smart!
  • Sylver: Haha, nothing big...
  • (With everyone onboard, the boat flows downstream and into the forest.)
  • (Just after they enter Pigeon Forest, an impenetrable mist arises from the surface of the river like a wall, blocking their vision.)
  • Momo: Goodness, I cannot see anything!
  • (The river's current suddenly picks up speed. In an instant, Nikki and the others are swallowed up by the fog, and completely vanish within.)


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