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Story: With the flutter of a cape in the moonlight, their adventure begins. Danger is around every corner; will Nikki be able to evade her pursuers?


  • (Night falls, and moonlight enters the room at an angle. A shadowy figure silently slips through the window, right on schedule.)
  • (The shadowy figure, draped in a flowing cape, carries a chilly presence.)
  • (With a flash of her blade, she breaks the lock. In the moonlight, she turns to Nikki and extends her hand. Here the adventure begins.)
  • Nikki: Wait! Who are you? Where are we going?
  • (The caped figure smiles slightly.)
  • Person in Cape: Somewhere free, of course.
  • (The one in cape seems extremely familiar with the high tower. She disables complex mechanism and finds the correct road to avoid the hidden trap.)
  • (Judging by her unhindered gait through these winding paths, she appears to have lived in this place for many years.)
  • Nikki: I think I know who you are. Do you wear the cape because you don't want to get seen in Royal City?
  • Person in Cape: If so, please do not call my name here.
  • Momo: What are you two mumbling about? Wait up, you're going too fast!
  • Nikki: The next staircase is near the hallway where we were caught earlier. There are lots of patrols in the area.
  • Momo: I don't know if Sherry's still there, either...
  • Person in Cape: We're not leaving from below. Follow me, we're climbing the tower.
  • Momo: Climbing the tower?
  • (Without answering Nikki or Momo, the mysterious figure leads them quickly up the stairs to the top of the tower.)
  • (Moonlight pours into the tower from the veranda. Freedom is just within arm's reach!)
  • Momo: We're out!
  • (Just as the caped figure steps through the door, an arrow tears through the air and lands squarely in front of her.)
  • Nikki: Watch out!
  • (High on a distant tower, the outline of an archer gradually comes into view. Behind them, the sound of footsteps draws nearer. The spear-wielding guards have cut their road back.)
  • Momo: What do we do? They found us!...But do they really need this many people just to catch the three of us?
  • Person in Cape: (Standing in front of Nikki, the caped figure unsheathes her sword) They aren't just here to capture us—This is her Honor Guard.
  • (The soldiers come to a halt and humbly lower their heads as they clear a small path in their ranks.)
  • (A moment of silence atop the high tower. The light, distant footsteps slowly coming closer resonate within the hearts of every person present.)
  • (With her purple hair fluttering in the breeze, and her crown and gem-encrusted scepter glowing in the moonlight, the eternal glory of the Queen of Thorns.)



A hooded Ace stands between Nikki and the armed guards, holding her sword out. Elle faces them, holding her scepter and wearing a fierce expression.

  • Ace: You are the last one I want to turn against.
  • Elle: But you chose to stand opposite to me.

Elle hits her staff on the ground, making a Dong sound effect. Ace points her sword out at the guards as she turns around and takes a confused Nikki by the back.

  • Ace: Remember how we snuck out of palace from here?

Elle doesn't respond, only watches as Ace picks up Nikki and leaps from the tower. Together, Ace, Nikki, and Momo fall; Ace smiling, Nikki fearful, and Momo crying. Behind them is the tower, the starry sky, and the full moon.


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.