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  • Debbie: That person passing by... seems to have passed by our side minutes ago...
  • Nikki: Isn't that Starlet?
  • Momo: Even the Starlet in this illusory world has the same terrible sense of direction?
  • Starlet: Nikki! Momo! I'm so glad to see you two! I just wanted to take a stroll and look for some inspiration, but I strolled too far and now I'm lost...
  • Momo: Come on, one with no sense of direction should not wander about in the first place!
  • Nikki: What kind of inspiration were you looking for, Starlet?
  • Starlet: So it's like this: I've been wanting to design a new wedding dress, but I only have a general idea of what I want to do. I'm looking for inspiration to fill in the gaps.
  • Momo: Wouldn't it be better to have Nikki help? I'm sure you'll find some new ideas that way!
  • Starlet: Good idea! Nikki, could you put together a Wedding dress so I can have a look?
  • Nikki: Sure.


There is no concluding dialogue.