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  • Momo: Nikki, look! Isn't that swing really pretty?
  • Nikki: It sure is! Perfect for two people to sit on.
  • Annabel: I think so too! I'm just gonna borrow this for my manga...
  • Nikki: Annabel! It's been so long!
  • Momo: Don't forget, they're just illusions in the mirror...
  • Annabel: Now that I mention it, my manga's sequel is almost complete! And it's all thanks to Nikki for helping me style my heroine's outfits!
  • Momo: If only Bobo could know this. She's been worried about Annabel's manga...
  • Nikki: Momo, it's still just the mirror's illusion...
  • Debbie: Ah, yes, I've been wondering something is missing... So where is the girl who's been traveling with you?
  • Momo: Bobo, she...
  • Nikki: She had matters to attend to in Lilith. I'm sure she'll come find us when she's finished with her work!
  • Annabel: She's one of my manga's biggest fans. I want to give her a copy of my manga as my thanks for her dedication!
  • Momo: I'm sure Bobo will be happy to know that!
  • Annabel: Hey Nikki, could I bother you for some help with my heroine's clothes one more time?
  • Nikki: Of course! What kind of clothes?
  • Annabel: After many things, the two protagonists return to their hometown. This day, they go to an amusement part together and make a promise to stay together in the future.
  • Annabel: At that time, she's going to wear a cute, modern-style Cloud miniskirt that the hero designed for her!
  • Momo: It sounds a bit difficult... but I'm sure Nikki can do it no problem!


There is no concluding dialogue.