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  • Momo: Is Pigeon Forest really like what we saw inside the mirror?
  • Debbie: It is! Lake Bovaly...and the Tree of Life...
  • Nikki: Pigeon Forest seems like a beautiful place.
  • Momo: Hey... Look over there! That person sitting in front of the wine stall... Isn't that Mela? What's she doing here?
  • Eli: In the mirror's world, whoever you wish to see will appear before you.
  • Mela: Debbie? Didn't you leave for the Royal City?
  • Debbie: (Whispers) I...I'm in the Royal City right now...
  • Nikki: Hey, Mela! Long time no see!
  • Mela: You're right, it's been ages since I've seen you annoying little girl and your fat cat!
  • Debbie: Mela, you shouldn't drink so much... There are so many empty bottles all over the place.
  • Mela: Leave me alone. If you got time, better worry about yourself.
  • Debbie: What's wrong with me?
  • Mela: When you cry, try not to get tears and snot all over your face...
  • (Debbie lowers her head and starts reading the menu, pretending she doesn't hear Mela's harsh words.)
  • Mela: I got a show tonight, so come here and help me put together a gorgeous and elegant costume , little girl.
  • Momo: A show? Is it a sax concert or a rock concert...?


There is no concluding dialogue.