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  • (However, after Nikki and the others step out of the mirror, they meet the last person they want to see.)
  • Sherry: It's you, Debbie.
  • Debbie: Sherry?! What are you doing here?
  • (Seeing the stern guards at Sherry's sides, Debbie's look of joy gradually fades away.)
  • (The surface of the mirror ripples as the sound of Eli comes out.)
  • Eli: Oh dear, I forgot to warn you that our voices can be heard outside of the mirror! My apologies, but do remember to deliver my message, please!
  • Momo: ...You are one annoying fairy, you know that?
  • Debbie: That means you have heard everything we were talking about...
  • Sherry: Iron Rose is gone. Upholding its oath only stands to prove your weakness.
  • Debbie: No! Sherry, aren't you the one who values Iron Rose most.
  • Sherry: You are wrong. To me, the Queen's order is the only thing that cannot be denied.
  • Sherry: Now leave, Debbie.
  • Debbie: Not without Nikki!
  • Sherry: ...
  • (The guard grabs Debbi too.)
  • Sherry: Send her outside of the city. Don't let her sneak in again.
  • Sherry: (Turns to look at Nikki) You two, come with me.
  • (With a guard taking her by the arm, Nikki looks at Sherry holding her head up high, and Nikki cannot help speaking out her mind.)
  • Nikki: Even though you denied Debbie's words... I think, as an old partner, Debbie still knows you.
  • Nikki: You're worried about her...that's why you had her taken out of the Royal City. Am I right?
  • (The heavy iron door slams shut before Nikki once more. Sherry looks at her, trying not to look annoyed.)
  • Sherry: What's in my mind has nothing to do with you.
  • (Sherry curtly takes her leave. The cell is quiet and still, as though Debbie had never come.)
  • Momo: It was all for nothing...
  • (Suddenly, a harsh wind blows in from the open window, carrying with it a razor-sharp arrow which lodges itself in a crack in the wall of their cell.)
  • Momo: Nikki, look! A note!
  • (Nikki takes the note from Momo. In very handsome handwriting, it reads: 'Prepare yourself for a midnight adventure.' It bears no signature.)
  • Momo: What do you think it means?
  • Nikki: I'm not sure, but since we have no way of leaving, all we can do is wait for this mysterious 'adventurer' to make things clear.
  • Momo: Hmm... Hey Nikki, if we're going on an adventure, wouldn't it be better if you wore a Swordsman's attire ? Oh, and don't forget to Bring your sword !


There is no concluding dialogue.