Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Momo: Are you sure we're going the right way, Nikki? I feel like we walked past that hallway already.
  • Nikki: It should be this way. Three days ago, after we met the Queen, we were 'invited' to live in the Royal City. We crossed the Rose Garden... Then... Eh...
  • Momo: You forgot!
  • Nikki: Now that we have come to this hallway, let's take the opposite way.
  • (A slight sound is coming from the end of the hallway, but there's nothing in sight.)
  • Momo: Hey, Nikki...did you hear that just now?
  • Nikki: Yeah...It must be the person who freed us earlier. We should follow her lead and get out of here.
  • (Past a corridor and up a high tower, the sunshine begins to grow dim. However, something at the top of the tower seems to be shining...)
  • Momo: There's something written on the walls here?
  • Nikki: ...The stars are reflected on the eternal silent lake...
  • Nikki: ...Elves guard the dark secret for generations...
  • Nikki: On Plata's Statues, memories long forgotten by mankind are inscribed...
  • Nikki: What do these words mean?
  • (As Nikki continues her ascent, a picture scroll depicting elves and dwarves slowly unfolds... The ancient memory of this kingdom...)
  • (Nikki suddenly recalls the poem about King Sayet's relics that Ransa told her.)
  • (As the sun sets down, glorious sunlight shines through dome windows into the tower, like chanting an ancient carol.)
  • (At the very top of the tower, Rose Chest is awaiting the destined one to uncover it.)
  • Poem on the Wall: The war lasting for nine days is finally ended by the destined girl...
  • Nikki: Is this the secret of the relic that Queen Elle keeps to herself?
  • (She reaches out to open the chest.)
  • Nikki: No way, it won't open...
  • Momo: Is there some special mechanism?
  • Nikki: On the hasp of the chest, these are... strange totems? Like... Sanskrit used by monks.
  • Momo: Maybe it'll open if you change into monk garments? Didn't you practice styling a set of Cloud Monk vestments before?
  • Momo: Perfect, now add a Monk's Hat or a Staff to complete the look!

Conclusion: Edit

  • Momo: It works! I knew it. In this world, style is the center of everything.
  • Nikki: But... there's nothing in the chest.
  • Sherry: It appears the Queen's judgement was correct.
  • (Sherry emerges from the shadow of the tower.)
  • Nikki: Sherry... it was you who guided us here.
  • Momo: Have you come to rescue us? What did you mean by the Queen's judgement?
  • Sherry: Nikki, you still do not want to agree with the Queen's offer?
  • Momo: You... You set up all these...
  • Nikki: No wonder we met guards so soon after Ransa and I entered the Royal City... I should've known...
  • Sherry: You are too quick to put your faith in others.
  • Nikki: I've told the Queen nothing but the truth. There is no way I can accept her offer...
  • Sherry: If that is your decision... then forgive me, Nikki.
  • (Lance guards emerge from the shadow. Sharp spearheads points at Nikki, and their masked face showed no emotion.)
  • (The dim dusk light gradually recedes.)

Trivia Edit

  • The stage does not allow the player to choose any items other than Accessories, and the hair, dress, coat, hosiery, and shoes are loaded onto Nikki already.

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