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Story: Chenxi came to the desert nearby Stardust Remains alone. The dune turned out to be a disguised aircraft, and who's the man calling Chenxi on the aircraft?


  • (A desert near Stardust Remains.)
  • (With Eleven by his side, Chenxi came to a dune alone.)
  • Chenxi: Eleven, reveal the disguise and open that cabin door.
  • Eleven: Yes, Master.
  • (That dune suddenly disappeared and was replaced by an aircraft.)
  • (Chenxi entered into the aircraft and turned on a device. A holographic male figure appeared in the cabin instantly.)
  • Man: Chenxi, I've already contacted the president of the Apple Apparel Group. And what have you got?
  • Chenxi: We found the plane factory recorded in the archives, but there wasn't much useful information.
  • Man: Alright. That's not surprising since most of the materials had been brought to Ruin.
  • Chenxi: But there's a windfall this time.
  • Man: Oh? I'm all ears.
  • Chenxi: We came across the mission target at Stardust Remains, so now we're actually ahead of schedule.
  • Man: That's good news. I'm curious... How is she compared to her image in the materials?
  • Chenxi: She's more interesting than I thought, and quite distinctive.
  • Man: It's not often that you speak highly of someone. Now I look forward to meeting her more than ever.
  • Chenxi: You still have your mission to focus on.
  • Man: Huh, I'm well aware.