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  • Chenxi: Who's next?
  • Ace: Me! I'll do it!
  • (Eleven came before Ace and started scanning.)
  • Eleven: The test result is 'the Loyal Seeker'.
  • Chenxi: Oh? That's a rare one.
  • Nikki: What do you mean?
  • Chenxi: Generally, there is no modifier before a title, but yours is prefixed with 'loyal'. That is to say, the system detects that you're extremely committed.
  • Ace: I actually prefer the Seeker more because it fits how I'm always traveling around.
  • Chenxi: Now, please style an outfit based on your title.
  • Ace: Sure! Then I'll have a styling competition themed a roaming adventurer with Nikki!


There is no concluding dialogue.