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  • Nikki: Let me see... Is Chenxi's title the Voyager?
  • Chenxi: Bingo. You're so smart, Nikki.
  • Ace: Will you become a voyager in the future? But didn't you just say that Ruin intends to explore the vast universe beyond the sky?
  • Chenxi: A Voyager is meant to conquer storms and waves, but that doesn't necessarily have to be sailing.
  • Nikki: It sounds like Berta is a romantic.
  • Chenxi: This of course is not something an AI is able to conceive. It was envisaged by the system developed by the doctor who invented the computer.
  • Nikki: I see...
  • Chenxi: Since you're so curious about these titles, I've implanted a title test system in my virtual space.
  • Momo: Wow! Can I try it?
  • Chenxi: Sure. But in return, you need to style an outfit that suits the title given by the system based on the test.
  • Momo: Sure. Nikki will help me anyway! Tee-hee!
  • Chenxi: Eleven, enable the title test please.
  • Eleven: Yes, Master.
  • (Eleven came before Momo and scanned him from head to toe with a fan shaped ray.)
  • Eleven: The test result is 'the Guardian'.
  • Momo: Yes. I am the Guardian of Grilled Fish! Nikki, please style a set of dirt-resistant outfit for eating grilled fish!
  • Ace: Wait. Aren't you the Guardian?


There is no concluding dialogue.