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  • (Cell of the Stardust Remains, Wasteland.)
  • Chenxi: Alright, our expedition is over for the time being. We'll destroy the lifting platform's switch as agreed and the underground factory will be shut down forever.
  • Ace: What about the relics you destroyed earlier?
  • Chenxi: It'll take some time to restore them but I promise that we'll return this place to its original state.
  • Nikki: Great. We have one more request.
  • Nikki: We hope you can keep what you saw here today a secret. For the people here, the temple represents the will of gods...
  • Ace: That's right, not to mention that if the find out that you've trespassed their temple, there'll be serious consequences.
  • Chenxi: Don't worry, even if you didn't remind me, I wouldn't have let anything that happened here slip.
  • Chenxi: But... We still have some finishing touches to do, so we might stay here for another one to two days. I hope that there won't be any incidents regarding Tuda.
  • Ransa: You don't have to worry about that. He is exhausted now.
  • Nikki: Ransa, where did you and Tuda go? We haven't seen you since we left the virtual space.
  • Ransa: Tuda just started to come around, so I brought him back to his tribe to rest. He is convinced that making the episode public is good for nothing and will only lead to worse consequences.
  • Nikki: We are in your debt. Now, it's time to depart for the Stone City Plata.
  • (Outside the Stardust Remains.)
  • Ransa: I think that the expedition might have ulterior motives.
  • Ace: I would have to agree with you. The seem to be searching for something rather than just investigating as they claimed.
  • Nikki: Ransa, could you please stay here?
  • Ransa: ... Stay here? I see. You want me to continue keeping an eye on them, right?
  • Nikki: Yes. This is one of the reasons. Besides... I'm still worried about Tuda, so if you could, please keep an eye on him too.
  • Ransa: Sure. You can depend on me.
  • Nikki: Thanks so much, Ransa.
  • Ace: Let's go now. Time waits for no one. The desert is cold at night. Remember to change into a set of warm and lightweight clothing.


There is no concluding dialogue.