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  • (The sun showered on them and though they couldn't feel its heat, it was dazzling and seemed real.)
  • (What they saw was radically different from other countries on Miraland. the buildings were bizarrely shaped, with glowing surfaces of flowing, brilliant colors.)
  • (The most prominent feature in their view was a cloud-kissing signal tower at the island's center, its spire surrounded by auroras that constantly changed colors, as if a rainbow drawn by god.)
  • (Three striking spherical aircrafts hovered above the signal tower, protecting the tower's satellites.)
  • Momo: Wow... Such sophisticated technology. This place doesn't fit its name at all!
  • Nikki: It looks like a city I read before in science fiction.
  • Ace: Although we've been told how advanced Ruin's technology is, I'm still wowed by it seeing it with my own eyes...
  • (Following Chenxi, everyone came to the signal tower.)
  • Chenxi: Here is where the people of Ruin come to when they wish to visit Berta.
  • Momo: What dos it look like inside? Will Berta meet us on her throne?
  • Chenxi: Of course not. However, although Berta is not a human entity, she did create a humanoid image for herself.
  • Nikki: Can we meet her once we go in?
  • Chenxi: It depends on your worth to Berta.
  • Ace: My worth? What do you mean?
  • Chenxi: Being omniscient, omnipotent, and rational, Berta won't waste her time and resources on trivial matters.
  • Nikki: Which means... We might not necessarily get to meet her, right?
  • Ace: But isn't this a virtual space you created?
  • Chenxi: You're right, but even when we're inside a virtual space, I cannot control Berta's action. Berta will send those whom she decides to be of value to her to another domain.
  • Ace: Got it. Let's go then!
  • Chenxi: Hold on. To show respect, I suggest you change into elegant formal wear.


There is no concluding dialogue.